Just in case any of you were worried that my recent silence is a sign that the ghost which switches our TV on and knocks over our posters had taken more drastic action against Terry and I, I’m here to report that all is well. And, I mean, it’s not like there’s been any other spooky occurrences to suggest there’s a ghost in the house, maybe in the region of the front door, say:


(Um, please excuse the quality and shakiness of this video – I filmed it on my phone, late at night. I was also probably drunk.)

Seriously, he stood like this, staring intently at absolutely nothing, repeatedly that night. And no, there was nothing outside (that was visible to the human eye) and no mysterious sounds (that our human ears could pick up), so the question remains: WHAT DOES HE SEE? Is it dead people? And are they likely to try to posses us any time soon, I wonder?

Actually, there’s a small part of me right now that’s secretly wishing there WAS a ghost in the house, or that I could become possessed by a demon or something (Note: Not really. That’s not an invitation, o spirits of the netherworld! Begone from this house!). It would at least break the monotony, and give me something to write about here, wouldn’t it? Because here’s the thing, not that you particularly care: I haven’t bee quite lately because of ghostly presences in our home, but just because there is absolutely nothing to see here, folks, move along please.  I have, of course, been continuing to blog elsewhere, because that’s what pays the bills, but actually, I think that’s part of the problem: I write about fashion at The Fashion Police, about shoes at Shoeperwoman and (occasionally) about makeup at Hey, Dollface! and it doesn’t really leave much left over to write about here.

Of course, this blog has always been that most awkward of genres: the personal journal. It’s supposed to just be about my life. But really, all that’s been happening in my life right now is that I write about fashion, shoes and makeup, and… that’s it. So things may be quiet around here for a while. Or, then again, they may not, because normally what happens is that I promise I won’t be blogging much, and then I suddenly discover that I have so! much! to! say! and you’re stuck with even MORE of me, instead.

Or the ghost might get me first. You never know.


  1. Oh, I hate it when dogs do that. My Basset hound girl did it in the middle of a well lit park, in the middle of the night. Everything was covered in snow, and at first she just stood there, staring at nothing, then she barked once, ran back a few steps, then barked again, like there is something coming at her. She kept doing that until I dragged her home.
    I, for one, believe that she just barked at a snowflake or a leaf and then got startled when her voice echoed back at her from a nearby building, but it still creeped the hell out of me.

    1. It can be very creepy: Rubin quite often stares intently at the rug in our living room, and then moves his head, as if he’s following the progress of some small, invisible creature as it walks towards us – I’m sure he does it just to freak us out!

  2. One of my cats does the intent floor watching and he also watches something/someone go up the stairs, which is always nice especially if my hubby is away!!

    At least with cats they can’t woof to make you jump! LOL!

    1. Yikes, the “someone going up the stairs” must be a barrel of laughs! Rubin is also good at choosing his moment with this kind of thing, his preferred time for it being when I’m home alone, ideally at night. He’s definitely messing with me, isn’t he?

      1. I think pets are actually sent to test our nerve.

        My other cat taps at the window to be let in, which I think is ever so clever until it’s night time and I’ve just watched a zombie film!!

  3. OMG Teddy freaks me out when he does this. Normally late at night and out the window. Then I really really wish I’d pulled the living room curtains. And then I sit for about twenty minutes trying to work up the courage to pull the curtains. I am such a wimp

  4. My cat used to do that in a house I lived in ages ago. In the bedroom, which is clearly the best room in the house for your pets to behave strangely in. She’d come in and then stare at the doorway at nothing.

    Then one day, she growled whilst staring at the aforementioned nothing. So that was fantastic and didn’t freak me out in the slightest. On the up side, she never showed the slightest interest in the doorway after that. Fun times.

    1. Oh no! Rubin sometimes does the growl too, when he’s watching invisible things: I try to comfort myself with the knowledge that if it was something really scary, he would probably be much more dramatic about it – he’s dramatic about someone walking past the house after all, so I don’t think he’d miss the opportunity with a scary ghost! I’d really love to know what it is they think they see, though! (Or, actually, maybe I wouldn’t…)

  5. That is so creepy, especially with his cute teddy face…
    I’m glad my dog never ever something like this. He is only overprotective at night, when someone approaches who wears a backpack for example. Only problem is, that he is ….uhm somehow protecting me from behind >.>

    You should post that clip in a board about supernatural phenomenon. The answer will freak you out xD~

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