red hair
It’s… still kind of orange.

I’ve been washing it faithfully with Head & Shoulders, and it’s faded quite a bit, but I still have my orange temples (That’s totally going to be the name of my band, by the way: Amber and The Orange Temples) and am having to choose my outfits really carefully, because while it looks not too orange with some things, other colours just seem to bring out the OMGORANGE and make it glow like a radioactive carrot. So it’s really messing with my important FASHUN, to be honest.

(Someone on Twitter told me I should use Head & Shoulders Lemon? I just have the regular stuff, so maybe that’s where I’m going wrong?)

In some lights, it looks almost back to normal. And in other lights…

red hair

And after that, Amber had well and truly learned her lesson, and she never dabbled with hair dye ever again, The End.

Haha, April Fools! In March.

red hair

OK, I’m just kidding: this isn’t what it actually looks like. The top photo is unfiltered (and doesn’t really show the full extent of TEH ORANGE, to be honest), but the other two have been run through my BFF, Instagram which, in addition to making me look a bit like a vampire, ups the orange quotient by quite a bit. Quite a bit. This is how it FEELS to me, though. It’s a bit like walking around with a giant sign on my head that says, “Hey, everyone! This woman is stupid! She thought she was using a temporary colour glaze, but actually it was a semi-permanent colour! LOL!”

Still, at least I’m in no danger of getting dandruff any-time soon…


  1. I actually really like the colour!
    I’ve accidentally dyed my hair orange, was meant to be going to a fancy dress party as Drew Barrymore in Charlie’s Angels with two other girls, and instead of putting in a wash in wash out colour I dyed it permanent. Oops.

  2. Same here, I really love this color. I wish I could have my hair so bright, I’m sorry if this sounds a bit like everything you didn’t want to hear… And to make this comment even worse: can you tell which semi-permanent colour you used?

  3. It’s stories like this that make me even more determined never to dye my hair. Thank-you for voluntarily teaching us all these important lessons! 😀

  4. I don’t know if you have it over there, but Pert will rip that color right the hell out. I got bored with permanent purple hair after an experiment in college, so I attacked it with Pert 2 or 3 times a shower. 2 weeks later, it was a darker version of my own hair color, as opposed to brilliant purple.

    1. I haven’t heard of Pert, so suspect we probably don’t have it, but will definitely have a look – thanks for the suggestion!

  5. Sorry, not hair-related at all, (although your hair does look fab, as always) but I really love the lipstick you’re wearing in these photos. Would you mind sharing the details?

      1. Thank you. That’s one of the few MAC reds I don’t have. I’m sure I’ll manage to justify purchasing yet another lipstick to add to my collection some time soon, though…

  6. I have blonde hair with just a little red in it and if I use any type of color with the words Golden in it my hair turns bright cooper red for a good 3 weeks.

  7. Orange or not, I love your hair color! Always liked red hair.
    And I just remembered that a few years ago, I had dyed the lower part of my hair dark red (a huge trend when I was in high school, please don’t laugh :P) and the parts where my hair where naturally blonde turned orange! How had I forgotten? haha It was quite funny though. I actually had 3 colors on me (my natural light brown, dark red and orange). I thought I looked like a parrot. But thankfully it faded after a few showers.

    1. Wow, how does that even work?! I had no idea hair dying was so fraught with danger! (Can you tell this was my first time?)

      I can sympathise, though – I once dyed my teeth orange. I don’t seem to have much luck with the colour orange, now I come to think of it…

  8. I think it looks awesome too – just the colour I wish I was brave enough to pull off! But yes it often means a wardrobe/makeup rethink so 🙁 Just trying coral lipstick for the first time at the mo – building up to the hair, which meant I also had orange teeth earlier – but not dyed thank god! x

  9. Seriously, you look awesome in that hair!

    I’m naturally blonde, and last Christmas, I died my hair a brownish red. Well, after the die started wearing out, my hair took on an orange ting… I couldn’t wear purple colors for a month xD

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