You know how people have Advent calendars, to count down the days to Christmas? I think I want one of those for Spring. I get MUCH more excited about Spring than I ever do about Christmas. Even although there is no Spring Santa. (There totally should be, though, no?)

I actually thought Spring had arrived last Saturday. Terry and I were going out for high tea with a group of friends (Yes, Terry and I are secretly from the 1920s. Now you know.) and I was all set to wear this dress with – wait for it – BARE LEGS and pretty shoes (Oh God, I can’t wait for the bare leg days. I think I might have a ceremonial burning of all of my tights or something when the warmer weather finally does arrive, because I HATE those things. Did I mention how much I hate those things?), when suddenly the glorious sunshine hid behind a cloud, and I decided to go with trousers instead. Then we got to our friends’ house to pick them up, and they told us it had been snowing there that morning. Good call with the trousers, then.

I was still determined to wear something vaguely Spring-like this week, though, and when I spotted this dress hanging in the closet with its hem brushing the tops of my boots, my mind was made up. The outfit is kind of like the love child of Winter and Spring (and I had to put my jacket back on as soon as these were taken. I hate that.), but you know what? I didn’t even have to wear the dreaded tights with it: over-the-knee socks all the way, people!

Forever Amber

polka dots and boots

setting sun


red hair

(Dorothy Perkins dress, H&M cardigan, Gucci sunglasses, plus Sam Edelman boots, Marc by Marc Jacobs bag & Michael Kors watch (all c/o Shopbop)

Thanks to Terry for taking these photos. Thanks to Rubin for running off with another family while we were walking him afterwards, and forcing Terry to run after him, shouting his head off. That was kind of funny.

  1. Oh god, I’m with you! Can’t wait for spring to arrive, I’m so over winter clothes! The weather has been nicer here, but still only in the single digits. Pff…

    (Oh by the way. YOUR BOOTS! *gasp* Should you find yourself drugged into a weeklong sleep someday soon, and those boots are the only thing missing (ok and maybe some of your other shoes. And dresses.), it wasn’t me. I swear!).

  2. This is a really good idea! I live in a beachfront community so there is a type of countdown- why not a calendar?

  3. I love the pics and I love the outfit! Good call on the boots and dress, I love how the skirt layers itself on too of the boots and matches in colour but not completely.

    I also thought we’d gotten spring last week, the snow had completely cleared away and the thermometer had climed to 12 degrees, and then yesterday it all snowed down again 🙁

    During winter I struggle so hard with going outside, I have to force myself out of bed and out the door, so the days before yesterday were the first days in months I wanted to go out, and made appointments; cut my hair, did the shopping, started training.

    The weather is supposed to clear up again on Friday, I really hope it does, because this grey, rainy, snowy thing is just making me depressed again.

    1. I’m exactly the same – I basically try to hibernate in winter, so I LOVE being able to get out and do things again when the weather starts to warm up!

  4. Oh my God, soooo pretty! The outfit (especially the dress), the photos, you!!! Terry did a great job with the pics! I love the light in them.
    I also hate winter, and LOVE spring, and we should totally have Advent calendars to count the days to spring. We had really nice weather last weekend. Really sunny days, only a bit windy, and I was sure that spring was here, but no. After the weekend the weather returned to rainy again. Can’t wait for spring to come!

  5. The photos are so great, I can’t stop staring at the second to last one. (admiringly, not stalkerish). This could be a very tasteful ad/editorial in a high end magazine. I might be a little jealous of your style and photogropher 🙂

  6. Oh, I have lusted after that dress so often but I just can’t justify it to myself. It looks utterly fantastic on you though! Which has started me lusting again, damnit.

  7. Spring Santa = Easter Bunny. My mom always filled my basket with books and legos and bubble wands and sidewalk chalk and sunglasses (and a bit of candy). You should start a tradition like that.
    That dress is wonderful!

  8. Am I going crazy or did you change the layout? If so, I love it! If not, that’s ok too – I already know I’m crazy.

    What beautiful photos! I’m obsessed with these! Once again, you make me wish for red hair. And a beautiful setting for photos. And a polka dot dress!

    1. Nope, it’s been the same layout for a few months now (er, I think…!) And thank you, I’m glad you like them 🙂

  9. Those photos are gorgeous! It might be cold over there, but your surroundings certainly make for lovely backdrops to your pics.

    I’m jealous of your approach to the warmer weather. Here in Australia, we’re heading in the absolute opposite direction (as is our wont), but I certainly don’t mind a little bit of Autumn. Not too hot; beautiful clear blue skies; morning fog… it’s all good!

    Your boots are highly covetable, though, and would surely be as perfect Autumn. I think I need to find myself something similar.

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