And then this happened

(Image fails to depict blizzard that was blowing at the time…)

… which kind of explains why I was so happy about the sunshine last week, no?

I guess it’s a good job I kept out some coats and boots when I packed away my winter stuff last weekend, too. I KNEW there would be consequences of that foolish move…

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  • char says:

    booo, then again, i love snow and i love sun, so i am trying to be positive about ALL weather types.

  • Claire says:

    We don’t even have pretty snow we just have dull dull rain here in York. The little taste of sun last week was so lovely. Come back summer!!!

  • Elise says:

    Omg if that makes its way to the west coast…kill me now. Mind you we’ve had a suspicious lack of snow this year, hope that’s not a sign! :)

  • Sandy says:

    It’s so weird to think that some places in the UK are now under a blanket of snow! Still got the sunny on the south coast. I’m hoping no snow comes this far south as I have storage heating and if it arrives suddenly I’ll have a day of freezing cold because they take a blooming day/night to heat up. (Mind you…2 have broken…Yikes! Lets hope it is just fuses!)

    Yes, I’m still living in the 70s apparently!!

  • Laura via Facebook says:

    Good grief, poor you :( BTW it’s entirely your fault that I now think of it as OMGSnow :)

  • Sandy via Facebook says:

    I call it OMGSnow too….no one knows what I’m on about. And then you have to explain it’s from online and then you watch their eyes glaze over! Ah well…long live the phrase “OMGSnow”!!

  • Kate says:

    It was 94* here yesterday. In the freaking midwest. In April. I’ll gladly trade you; in my eyes, it would seem that Scotland really *is* lovely this time of year.

  • Catriona says:

    I ordered suncream online at the weekend so I knew the weather would take a turn for the worse as I seem to jinx things like that! e.g. 90% of the time when I go to the hairdresser, it will start raining just as I leave. One time it went from a gloriously sunny day to a proper thunderstorm…

  • Emily says:

    At the least the snow looks very pretty! It’s just rainy here in North Yorkshire, not snowing yet, but I too have packed away my winter wear and am now faced with a wardrobe full of gingham dresses and denim shorts. Not very useful right now!

  • Call me M says:

    I was sure that the snow would come again to ruin the beautiful sunny weather of last week. Luckily it didn’t come here in Greece, at least not in my city, but we hit almost 0 degree temperatures in the morning, these last days!

  • Cara says:

    I feel your pain! I just can’t stand winter/snow/blah. Warmed up here too and then blam-o! Snow! Wth???

  • Suya says:

    That’s some OMGSNOW for sure… We got the same forecast here in continental Europe, but somehow the weather is still nice, so hopefully it will get better for you too soon! Btw, there was a very accurate typo – it looks like you’re gonna need some boats after all that melts :-))

  • Hayley says:

    It is a sad fact of life that packing away winter clothes will bring cold weather. We’ve had extremely unseasonably warm weather here in the States (in the Midwest, it has been like the middle of July), and I just know it will get cold again now that I’ve packed mine up.

  • Bethany says:

    Hi Amber, not sure if you’ve already seen this but I’m assuming it’s not you, I came across It has your pictures, logos and everything.

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