What March Looked Like

Kurt Geiger wall of shoes

Kurt Geiger’s wall of shoes

I had a whole other post planned out for today, but then I remembered it was Easter, and that no one ever reads blogs on holidays, do they? Which makes them as good a time as any to do one of those huge Instagram posts that everyone hates, but which I actually love, because one day when I’m senile, I will be able to look back on them and say, “So THAT’S what March 2012 looked like! But who’s the ginger with all the shoes?”

So here IS what March 2012 looked like.

I had a birthday. And finally, someone bought me a castle! No, I jest. I went to Edinburgh, drank champagne and tried on shoes I couldn’t afford. It was ace.

bright blue shoes

Shoeperwoman’s Shoe Challenge started. You should join it. You know you want to.

I am not Joan Rivers

People continued to believe that I have some connection to Joan Rivers and/or the ability to influence Kelly Osbourne’s hair choices, and I received many, many emails on the subject of “why Kelly Osbourne’s hair sucks, and why Amber should be doing something about it.” Given that I can’t even manage my OWN hair, though, I can’t imagine Kelly Osbourne would pay much attention to me: this was, after all, the month in which I dyed my hair orange.

My blog got a bit of a makeover, too:

And so did my closet. I got all of my summer clothes out of the attic:

And then I bought MOAR SUMMER CLOTHES, yay!

mint green dress

I even got to wear some of the aforementioned  summer clothes, during the Week That Was Summer In March:

Then summer left, and we ended the month more or less how we started it: drinking champagne in Edinburgh, this time with my best friend and her family, and celebrating our 5th wedding anniversary.


It was a good month. And then April came. And so far? April has sucked. But that’s another story for another day. Have a Happy Easter, everyone!

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  • Call me M says:

    I’m still online today! Doing some blog reading! :)
    It seems that March was a great month for you! I really like these posts too.
    You bought some gorgeous shoes, and had the chance to save many peep-toes and wear some of your summer dresses. That’s amazing.
    The shoe wall in the first pic makes me drool every time (hehe) and the last pic reminds me of Harry Potter movies. Everything is dark and it seems that no one is on the streets.

  • Suya says:

    You’re going on with some great speed in the Challenge so far! Keep my fingers crossed for more good weather aka chance to see more of your summery outfits which I enjoy so much :) And I will need those red gingham shoes like, NOW.

  • Sandy says:

    This person still reads blogs during hols. Hubby is working most of it so I went shopping (for shoes!) today. :) Sorry to hear April hasn’t been very good to you so far. I’m having issues with all of 2012 in general! LOL!

  • Panthera says:

    Happy Easter! And pretty pictures, yay!

  • Andrea says:

    Ooh where are the red and white gingham shoes from? Love them! x

  • Eva says:

    I covet your wardrobe, Amber! Love love love the pretty dresses and gorgeous shoes. Also, I wich I were a redhead (my mum has red hair, and I’ve always liked it so much and I’m bummed that my hair is brown). March looked great!

  • Tracey says:

    I was not online over Easter. But I’m here now!

  • Britta says:

    Woooah lovin the new shoes! I think I would honestly die of happiness if I walked into a shoe closet like yours! They are all so gorrrrgeous! And I positively adore your summer dress with the green cardigan: so perfectly classy!


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