One gingham skirt short of a picnic

redhead in summer field

50s style summer outfit

British countryside in summer
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50s style gingham circle skirt

summer scene
gingham 50s skirt

50s style summer outfit

(ASOS skirt, Jasper Conran shoes, Primark tee, eBay sunglasses)

If you’re a regular reader of this here blog, and you happen to be based in the UK, you’ve probably been expecting this post. “Oh great,” I can almost hear you thinking. “The sun’s out, so that means we’ll be subjected to endless photos of Amber prancing around the countryside, gushing about how OMGAMAZING the weather is.” And you’re right. It DOES mean that.

See, last week I finally managed to get (mostly) on top of my pre-holiday workload, and this just so happened to coincide with the sun finally coming out, so I’ve basically spent the past few days basking in it and doing the aforementioned gushing. This started on Friday afternoon, when I decided it would be a great idea to go for a picnic in the countryside. “We’ll just throw some home-made cupcakes into our delightfully kitschy picnic basket, along with some charmingly mis-matched vintage crockery!” I said to Terry. Then I remembered that we don’t actually own a picnic basket at all, let alone a delightfully kitschy one. And our crockery is all from Ikea. Oh, and a quick inspection of the kitchen cupboards and fridge revealed that all we had to eat was a bottle of wine and half a block of Stilton. Honestly, some days it amazes me that I’m even allowed to call myself a fashion blogger. Or, you know, an adult.

Anyway, we abandoned the picnic plans and decided to just go for a walk instead, but I figured, what the hell, if I can’t HAVE a picnic, I may as well dress like one. So I did, in this ASOS gingham skirt, which I bought during the winter and then squirrelled away for a sunny day. And which I actually forgot about until last week, so it was almost like getting free clothes. Almost.

These are just a few (no, seriously) of the 1,653,876 photos we took. Sorry. I think the British countryside in summertime is one of my favourite things ever, though, and the thing I’d miss most (other than people) if I ever moved away from here. Well, that and greasy chip-shop chips, some of which I also had this weekend. Seriously: best weekend ever. And given that we had such a lovely weekend, and have just a few more days left to work before we’re off on holiday, I figured I should probably do something to screw things up, before the universe can do it for me. With that in mind, I’ve booked myself in for an HD Brows treatment on Wednesday afternoon. There’s just no way that can go wrong, is there?


gingham skirt reflected in water


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