Fashion Blogger, jumping

fashion blogger, jumping

(Blazer and shorts, H&M; top, Madewell; shoes, Zara)

Hey, folks, remember me?

I’m still in Florida, but we’ve been having a spell of rainy weather, so I’m taking advantage of the downtime (while my dad barbecues in the rain, wearing a poncho…) to check in with the blog. And, well, to post photos of myself jumping, just to annoy my friend Ewen, who I know loves them really…

Rain aside, we’ve been having a fabulous time. I’ve spoken before about how coming to Florida always feels like coming home to me, and with a week left to go, I’ve already started to dread the actual “coming home”: I mean, at least Florida rain is WARM, you know?

We spent our first week here at the coast, staying in a gorgeous condo, right on Clearwater beach. I might have cried a bit when we had to leave. We spent Terry’s birthday at Universal Studios, and mostly at the new Harry Potter section of the Islands of Adventure park, but other than that, this trip has mostly been about relaxing. And eating. And God, it’s been good, rain or not. And naturally, we’ve taken approximately 32,491 photos, all of which I’ll bore you with at length when I get home.

For now, though, I’m off to do some more eating and relaxing: see you all soon!

Forever Amber

(P.S. It may have rained a lot these past few days, but that blazer wasn’t strictly necessary, because the temperature is still in the 90s: I just take it with me to wear indoors, where the air con is always set to “freeze Amber’s ass off”…)