The Green Floral Dress Goes to Lanark Loch

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(New Look dress (with belt worn as headband), Charlotte Russe shoes, Gucci sunglasses)

Yup, I’m STILL talking about last weekend, and how sunny it was, and how awesome it was that it was sunny, and hey, did I ever mention that I like the sun? I did? OK, let’s talk about the clothes, instead…

I got this dress in New Look a few years ago now. It has the distinction of being what I’m pretty sure is the only dress New Look have ever made which isn’t approximately butt-length. It’s certainly the only dress I’ve ever bought from them, because all the rest are either a) so short I couldn’t even sneeze in them without worrying about flashing my knickers, or  b) so high waisted that the waistline hits somewhere just under my armpits: not a good look.

(OK, that last point isn’t actually their fault: it’s because of my freakishly long torso, which means that almost all dresses are empire line on me. God, I HATE empire lines.)

What’s interesting about this dress, though (and by “interesting”, I mean, “not really, but it’s not like I have anything else to talk about right now”) is that when I bought it, I was still right at the very start of my dress obsession, and basically wearing a uniform of jeans and a top every single day in life. So each time I wore this dress (which actually wasn’t all that often, on account of how scared I was of being “different”), I felt like I was doing something really brave and revolutionary: wearing a DRESS, while all around me, people were wearing JEANS, by God. I felt a bit like Che Guevara or something. I expect one day people will sing songs about me around campfires and stuff, only not really, because seriously, when I look back now and think that just a few years ago a simple sundress was a huge departure for me, it just makes me laugh. If only my (slightly) younger self could see the inside of her closet now

In other news: swans!




Lanark Loch

(This photo makes me laugh so hard. Not because my mum and I ARE laughing in it -as is Rubin, actually –  but because my dad is so resolutely NOT. LAUGHING. He’s all, “GOD, lookit them! Why are they laughing? Why am I with these lunatics? Humbug!”)

Anyway, my closet may have changed since this dress was purchased, but the dress itself is still going strong, and for its latest adventure, I wore it on a day out to Lanark Loch with Terry and my parents. And Rubin, of course, who’d had a haircut by that point. (I feel I should point out that he DOES still have a tail, even although you can’t see it in the photo above…) Luckily, Terry had thought to check the weather report the night before, and we’d discovered that it was to be about 10 degrees warmer there than it would be on the east coast, and that was good enough for us, so off we went. Honestly, I’d have gone to Mordor if I thought it would have slightly better weather, I’m not even joking.

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Forever Amber

Aaaaand I think I’m finally done re-capping my weekend. Just in time for the NEXT one. Don’t worry, though: today is officially my last day of work before my holiday, but it turns out we’re actually leaving a day earlier than I thought (I just found this out last week. My parents and Terry all read my blog post in which I mentioned spending next Friday packing, and not one of them thought to tell me that if I did that, I’d be left behind. Which makes me wonder if they were trying to intentionally leave me behind, hmmm?) and we also have our friends’ wedding to go to next week, so I’ll probably have limited time for blogging. Then again, I might just procrastinate to the point where I spend ALL my time blogging, and have to pack my suitcase at the last possible second again. You’ll just have to wait and see…

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