Double Dotted

polka dot skirt and top

Vivienne Westwood Cherries shoes

polka dots by the pool

[Swimsuit: George at Asda (old) // Skirt: Forever 21 (new, but not online) // Shoes: Vivienne Westwood for Melissa (old)]

Yup, we’re back in Florida, folks. Not literally, obviously – just in the sense that I’m back to posting outfit photos from my holiday, because, no, I am not done with that yet. I wish I WAS back there literally, though. It actually makes me a bit sad looking back at these photos: it all seems a really long time ago now, and to say I miss it would be like saying I have a little bit of a thing for polka dots, but nothing major. Speaking of which…

By the third week of the holiday, even I had started to think I might need some kind of polka dot intervention. I hadn’t planned to wear nothing but dots for days on end, but that’s how it had worked out (probably because that’s all I packed), and I feared I had started to turn into some kind of parody of myself, and that I would never wear anything else, ever again.

“Amber,” I told myself. “Just stop it. Wear something else, just for a change. Or you’ll have to change the tagline of your blog to ‘lots of photos of me wearing polka dots’, and God knows, you don’t want that, do you? Wear something else.”

Well, I thought about this, and I decided to do it. I would wear something other than polka dots.

Then I thought, “Screw that, I’m going to wear MOAR polka dots! Double the dots, double the fun!”

So I did. And honestly, I’d do it again. In fact, I probably will.

green polka dot skirt

I will also spin. And have only one arm. (Aside: I’ve discovered a rare talent for looking like I have only one arm in photos. ¬†Which at least makes a change from looking like I only have one leg.)

It actually wasn’t particularly sunny when these were taken: this was the week Tropical Storm Debby decided to take up residence over Florida, and dumped rain on us for several days in a row. It was almost like home, actually, only hot. We were lucky, though – we just got rain, but a few miles away, some people lost the roof of their house due to a tornado which touched down. We spent a day under a tornado watch, with me frantically Googling “OMG TORNADO!” and wishing I’d brought those red sparkly shoes with me. I HATE being caught unprepared with stuff like that.

polka dots x 2