I can show you that when it starts to rain, everything’s the same

awkward fashion blogger pose, reflected in muddy puddle

over-exposed photo in which my green top looks white

sideways refection

"Why, what is that I see on yonder horizon?"

obligatory shoe shot

(Floral pencil skirt (old) and mint peplum top: both ASOS; shoes:  Carvela ‘Australia’ peep toes c/o Sarenza; cat eye sunglasses: eBay)

Ladies and gentlemen, we interrupt this incessant coverage of my recent holiday (look, I’d apologise, but it’s not like I have anything else to talk about, is it?) with a quick post about the OMGRAIN.

So, have you heard about all the RAIN we’re getting in the UK right now? Wait, what am I saying? Of COURSE you have. If you live in the UK, know anyone from the UK, read any UK-based blogs, or have even HEARD of the UK, then you’ve probably heard at least some of the complaining that’s been going on recently about how it’s the wettest summer since records began, and how it hasn’t stopped raining since May now, and how when I were a lass the summers were long and hot, and we used to run around naked in the sprinklers, and you could leave your door open without fear of people robbing you and everything.

Well, now I’m going to add my voice to the chorus of complaints, because far be it for me to miss an opportunity to complain about something it’s all true folks. All of it. Well, OK, not the bit about running around naked. That never happened. And actually, any time people my age start banging on about the idyllic summers of their youth, I always scratch my head and then assume they must have grown up in a different country, because, honestly, for as long as I can remember, our summers have always been a bit rubbish, really.  The fact remains, however, that they’re not normally quite THIS rubbish. We’re now on to week 6 of near-constant rain, and I can’t remember that ever happening before, either. In fact, if I was at all religious, I’d be building an ark right now and asking you all to pray for my soul. But I’m not, so I’m just going to complain on my blog, instead.

So, yes, six weeks of constant rain. The town is pretty much flooded, at this point: last week I had to give up running, because although I don’t really mind running in the rain (At least it keeps The Others out of my way, you know?), I got pretty tired of having to wade through ankle-deep mud to circumvent the floodwaters, so that was that. (I’m doing the Insanity workouts instead. That’s a whole other story.) We’ve barely left the house in the two weeks we’ve been back from Florida, and Rubin has had to be bathed more times than I care to remember because every time we take him for a walk, he comes home looking like a swamp thing.

These photos were taken on Saturday, during a rare break in the clouds. (I’m not exaggerating when I say it was the longest break we’ve had in weeks. It really HAS been near-constant rain, seriously…) Annoyingly, it had been dry all morning, so I got all excited about being able to wear something other than rubber boots and a wetsuit* and to, you know, leave the house, and then, the second we got into the car, the rain started up again. Well, damn.

That’s why these may well be the only outfit photos I take this summer (and they’re all a bit over-exposed, unfortunately, because the light was weird and Terry couldn’t really see what he was taking photos of. I decided to post them anyway, though, if only to prove that I DO have a few items of clothing that don’t have polka dots on them…). Good job I still have those 1,749 holiday photos to show you, eh?

Forever Amber

*I haven’t been wearing a wetsuit. I AM considering it, though.