If in doubt, wear green

yes, ANOTHER polka dot dress...

Matchy-Matchy is my middle name

Forever Amber

Dress: Louche ‘Leigh’ spotty dress // Shoes: Ted Baker ‘Keanah’ 

After the extreme wordiness of my last post, I’m going to keep the talk to a minimum with this one, and merely note that these spots? Are pin dots, not polka dots. So that’s TOTALLY different, seriously…

Ted Baker 'Keanah' pumps

(I will also just quickly note that these shoes are one of my favourite pairs, evereverever. I know I say that about all my shoes, but this time I really mean it.)

Louche 'Leigh' green polka dot dress

(My hair is different in this one. It started out like this, but it fell down, and I couldn’t seem to re-create it, so I had to fall back on my trusty DonutHead, which is this year’s Messy BunHead.)



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