Amber in Stop Staring polka dot pencil dress

Amber in Stop Staring polka dot wiggle dress

Amber in Stop Staring dress and Vivienne Westwood Lady Dragon Cherries shoes

(Dress, Stop Staring; shoes, Vivienne Westwood for Melissa Lady Dragon ‘Cherries’)

On our way back to the apartment after the trip to Tarpon Springs I wrote about in my last post, we stopped in at the little town of Dunedin*, purely so I could pay a visit to Kina Kouture, which is basically my idea of heaven, selling dresses by Stop Staring, Bettie Page, Trashy Diva – all my favourite brands, in other words.

Unfortunately, when we arrived at the store we discovered it was actually closed for refurbishment, but the lovely owner must have seen the look of anguish on my face, because he very kindly allowed me to come in anyway, and not only to look around, but also to try on this dress in the bathroom (which was like a boudoir, and totally awesome), seeing as the changing rooms were closed at the time. The dress in question is by Stop Staring, and I’d seen it in the window as we drove up, and immediately known it would be coming home with me. Sure enough, ten minutes later I was in possession of the Prechus, which I wore to dinner the very next night, thus continuing my “a-polka-dot-dress-a-day” streak. GOD.

Of course, pin-up style polka dots call for cherry accessories of some kind, so I wore this with my Vivienne Westwood/Melissa Cherries shoes, which just might be my most favourite shoes ever. Shh, don’t tell the others!

Vivienne Westwood Lady Dragon Cherries shoes

Stop Staring dress

(*Fun fact: the summer I graduated from university, I applied for, and was offered, an internship with the local newspaper in Dunedin. Because of the extreme level of stupidity I was operating under at the time, though – and still  am, actually – I’d completely failed to realise that an internship wasn’t, you know, paid, and that I’d be working for nothing, but would still have to support myself, the whole time I was there. (I think I’d imagined I’d just be hanging out at the beach all the time, maybe hitting up the Magic Kingdom on the weekends?) Well, I couldn’t even afford the airfare, let alone several months worth of food and accommodation in the US, so I had to turn it down. It was a shame, because I’d already concocted an elaborate fantasy around this job, in which I was such a success as an intern (you know, whatever that was) that after a couple of weeks I was promoted to editor: a job which came with a huge salary, a penthouse appartment, and a clothing allowance. Instead, I spent the summer working in a call centre in Scotland. Oh, the humanity…)

  1. That is one gorgeous dress! How lovely of the owner to let you in. I also love the clutch bag. Oh so stylish!

    1. I know, he was so lovely about it! The clutch bag is actually an ancient one from New Look, which I managed to get nail polish on somehow – have tried everything, but nothing will budge it: whoops!

  2. Your new polka dot dress is amazing! And it was very sweet of the owner to let you in to try some clothes on.
    And those cherry shoes are definitely one of my favorite pairs of yours! Although you have an amazing shoe closet, and it would be very hard to choose just one favorite pair! 🙂

    P.S. Athens is indeed very hot in summer. I live in Northern Greece, in a city called Thessaloniki. It’s the 2nd biggest city of Greece, but a lot smaller than Athens. You should visit it someday! It’s very beautiful and we have fantastic beaches in nearby areas. 🙂

  3. I find it completely annoying that you’re milking hits for both of your sites by putting a shoe save on one site and outfit posts on another. You should at least include one full body outfit/shoe photo in your shoe save posts.. I’m really not interested in your life, I just want to see how your wore the shoe.

    1. OK, apologies in advance for the long response, but just in case anyone else is annoyed with me about this…

      I decided a few weeks ago that I didn’t want to continue posting photos of myself on Shoeperwoman. There were lots of reasons for that, but the main one was that, like you, most people aren’t interested in me: they just want to see shoes, and that’s fair enough, (It’s a shoe blog, after all, not a “look at Amber’s outfits” blog). In other words, it’s because I realise most people “really aren’t interested in my life” that I decided not to subject them to it, and to move all of the non-shoe-related posts/photos over here…

      For the record, the photos I’ve been posting here weren’t taken for the shoe challenge: they were taken for Forever Amber, and I’ve been linking to them from SW purely for the benefit of the small number of people who are interested in them. (There is no huge influx of traffic to Forever Amber when I link to it from SW, by the way. Sorry to destroy that “OMG MILKING HITS” theory, there.) I thought that was a reasonable solution: the outfit photos are still available for anyone who wants to see them, but those who don’t (i.e. the majority of Shoeperwoman’s readership) no longer have to scroll past them to get to the shoes. There was no big hit-milking conspiracy behind it, and it didn’t even occur to me that anyone cared enough about photos of my outfits to be “completely annoyed” by their absence, seriously.

      “You should at least include one full body outfit/shoe photo in your shoe save posts..”

      To be honest, I don’t think I should feel obliged to post “full body” shots of myself anywhere on the Internet if I don’t want to. I don’t HAVE to post photos of myself at all, and the idea that I somehow owe it to people to show them photos of my outfits is really quite strange to me.

      1. Just a Nobody’s comment is ridiculous on a number of levels, but even if you *were* engaged in some sort of OMGMILKING activity, you haven’t monetised your personal blog anyway so it’s not like there’s some nefarious intent (because obviously HOW DARE bloggers make money from blogging, duh!)

        For the record, I think it would be really sad if you stopped doing the odd outfit shot because I love seeing how you wear your outfits and I enjoy hearing about your life, both here and on Shoeperwoman, and I don’t think I’m at all in the minority with that.

        1. Well said Roisin. I LOVE seeing your outfits Amber, you are way more stylish than me and I can’t wait to see what you wear next. What you wear and how you wear it is part of who you are.

          p.s. ADORE that dress, you look hot! (in a non-creepy way, obviously)

        2. Oh, I’m not stopping the outfit shots – all I meant was that I’m not posting them on Shoeperwoman any more, which is why JaN is angry: she doesn’t want the terrible hassle of having to come here if she wants to see them! First world problems 🙂 I’m still going to keep posting them here though, for now at least: the beauty of this blog is that people don’t have any expectations about it so I just write about whatever I like here!

  4. ^Wow, what a nasty comment! I thought personal outfit photos and life blogging went hand in hand. I love reading the stories that go with the photos!

    The dress is sooo pretty, and I love that the shop keeper let you in through the renovations. The outside/side-looking photo looks like it’s taken right out of a high-class fashion magazine, amazing!

    1. You posted your answer right when I posted. I was of course referring to the original comment and not your reply, which it now looks like I’m pointing at. 🙁

      1. Don’t worry, I knew what you meant 🙂

        Honestly, I totally understand that not everyone is interested in reading about my life – that’s fair enough (and is actually the main reason I stopped posting this stuff at Shoeperwoman: I realised that people there weren’t interested in it!). What I don’t understand is the attitude of entitlement that lets people think I somehow owe it to them to post “full body shots” of myself on a particular website, and to scold me for not delivering free content in the way that’s most convenient to them. I made it quite clear when I started this year’s challenge that outfit photos weren’t required: I’ve been taking these most recent ones because I enjoy it, and as kind of hobby. I just link them from the SW posts because they’re the same shoes, so the link seems relevant: obviously no one is being forced to click it if they don’t want to!

        Anyway! I’m glad you liked the post – I think the dress is definitely going to become one of my favourites, I just hope the weather improves a bit so I can wear it again sooner rather than later!

        1. I knew you were considering just stopping the outfit photos all together, and not joining in the shoe challenge, so I was soo happy when you decided to join in anyway, and continue with the outfit photos too.
          I love seeing your style and your dresses, and you’re all absolutely great photographers.
          Your photos are a great inspiration for me, so I get so pissed when people berate you about it!

          We’ve had rain here too, but fortunately no flooding! I wish we could have at least one full day of sun..

          1. Yeah, I was determined not to take part in it this year, and in retrospect, I should have stuck to that decision, but oh, well! I’m glad you’ve got something out of it, though, and I really appreciate your comments – it’s sometimes hard for me to know what people like and what they don’t like on a blog, and a lot of the time I find that people only tell me they liked something when I stop doing it, which is a bit frustrating!

  5. The whole look = perfect. And I love reading about your adventures and seeing what you’re wearing, so please don’t stop! 🙂

    1. Thanks, Kim 🙂 And I’m definitely stopping – it’s my other blog I stopped posting the photos on, this one will carry on the way it always has!

  6. Living on the opposite side of the world to you, and due to the fact that not many on-line stores will post over here (NZ), it is actually this blog that I prefer as I LOVE seeing your outfit posts. So … please don’t stop posting your outfits just to please one disgruntled ‘Just.A.Nobody’ viewer. 🙂

    1. Oh, I don’t think she was trying to tell me not to post outfit shots – she was trying to tell me that I have to post them on my other blog as well as on this one, so that she doesn’t ever have to visit this site. I’m not planning on changing anything, though: leaving me a rude comment isn’t generally a great way to convince me to do something 🙂

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