white trousers and top

Marc by Marc Jacobs Fran bag

polka dot shoes

[Trousers and top: Zara // bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs c/o Shopbop // Shoes: Buffalo c/o Spartoo // Sunglasses: random gift shop in Orlando c/o my dad]

Well, folks, it’s a big day here at the ol’ blawg, for today, a mere two months after I returned from my holiday to Florida, I will finally stop talking about it. I know! Do I win some sort of prize here or something?

While you’re all probably breathing a sigh of relief, however, I’m actually quite sad to have reached the end of my Florida outfit posts, because I’ve been missing the place SO much lately. Little random memories keep popping into my head, unbidden, and all of a sudden I’m hit with this wave of what I can only describe as “homeskickness”, even although I’m already home. If only it really was a small world after all…

But I’m supposed to be talking about the outfit, aren’t I?

I wore this out to dinner on our second last night, and no, I didn’t spill anything, even although I was basically ASKING FOR IT by dressing in head-to-toe white – or off-white, in this case. Don’t worry, I was amazed, too. I think we all were.

As a pale-skinned redhead, I’m always hearing that I shouldn’t wear white, or, indeed, any other pale colours, because apparently they “wash me out”. To that, I have more or less the same response I give to people who tell me midi dresses make me look stumpy, which is basically, “Yeah, I know, but I just can’t seem to make myself care...”

The fact is, you see, that when you have skin as pale as mine, pretty much everything will “wash you out”. And actually, I think black is a far worst culprit than white in this respect: it has the power to leech every bit of colour out of my face, and leave me looking like the living dead. White, on the other hand, seems to reflect light back onto my skin, so I may be washed out, but at least I look alive, you know? Also: I love white. I love the drama of it, and so I’m probably not going to stop wearing it any time soon, especially this particular off-white shade, which I seem to have collected a fair bit of recently.

As for these trousers, well, I may have managed to get them through dinner unscathed on this particular occasion, but I wasn’t so lucky the next time I wore them, to see a show at the Edinburgh Festival earlier this month, because when I got home and took them off, I realised the black top I’d worn them with had somehow managed to dye the entire top section of the trousers navy. Yes, navy. Disaster was narrowly averted (and no, I don’t think “disaster” is too strong a word, here…) with the aid of some stain remover and hot water, but I do have to ask myself just how many more times I can hope to cheat fate with these trousers. In fact, as soon as I hit “publish” on this post, I might just go and get a head start on the inevitable “oh noes, I ruined my prechus cream trousers by dying them red/black/green/whatever – woe is me!” post which you all KNOW you’ll be subjected to at some point in the probably not-so-distant future.

Hey, maybe THAT’S why people tell me I shouldn’t wear white?



  1. I am also incredibly pale in the way that only a Scottish girl can be and think white, black, insert other ‘draining colour’, only look bad on me if I worry about it.

    I admire your bravery, I’m too prone to dropping stuff down myself to dare attempt an entirely off-white ensemble – the outfit looks fab.

  2. I’m claiming to be the reason for your MbyMJ obsession. (I may or may not have just picked up the Petal to the Metal satchel on sale from Shopbop…Oops…) 😀

  3. Those trousers look amazing on you!
    And I think you look great in white, the pictures made me “wow!”

    Though I agree with the risk of white, I’ve managed to ruin white clothes before.
    I was “smart” enough in NY to order white shrimp while wearing my mint green dress. When the food arrived I discovered the shrimps were in their shell and the corn was on the cob! I had no way getting through that meal without spilling on my dress.. :S

  4. I was totally going to say that probably black is the only colour you should avoid wearing from top to toe. Since your favourite colour is green, it’s all a moot point anyway. You look fab.

  5. This American redhead (of Irish/Italian/Lithuanian extraction) looks fantastic in black. It makes my skin look creamy and I feel sophisticated. On the other hand, I have to very careful about white. It has a tendency, not to wash me out but to emphasize all the pink in my skin and make me look ruddy.

    This is why I get so frustrated with people who say “redheads should never wear _____.” We’re not some monochromatic monolith. Yes, we’re both pale redheads but my coloring is still different than yours.

    1. I get really frustrated with this, too: people seem to recognise that there are lots of different ways to be blonde or brunette, but still think there’s only one type of redhead, and that we all look exactly the same. (This is particularly true with hair products – one thousand different variations of blonde, only one red, and it’s normally a doesn’t-occur-in-nature tomato red, too!) It always makes me smile that as soon as someone with red hair becomes remotely famous, people will start telling me I look “just like her!” even although the only feature we have in common is a similar hair colour!

      (And just to clarify: my comment about black was purely about how it looks on ME – I wasn’t trying to claim that I speak for all redheads, or anything like that!) (And I still wear it, anyway.)

  6. You look great, a classic look! I do always enjoy all of your vacation posts so I will miss them. Until your next trip, I will look forward to what you are wearing in the meantime. 🙂

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