In Praise of the Midi Dress

ASOS stripe midi dress

ASOS stripe midi dress

red gingham wedge shoes

[Dress: ASOS // Shoes: Schuh 'Garda' wedges (old)]

Hi everyone! It’s time for your regularly scheduled weather/outfit report. Because I just KNOW you all wake up in the mornings and think, “Gosh, I wonder what the weather is like in Scotland this week, and also what Amber is wearing?”

To answer both of those questions at the same time: exactly the same as always. The weather has been mostly “blah”, with the occasional outbreak of “wow, is that the SUN I can see in the sky?” and I’ve been mostly polka-dotted with the occasional stripe. Oh, and midi dresses. Always with the midi dresses. In fact, I glanced back at my last few posts and noticed that every single one of them featured a midi dress of some description, so I thought I’d offer up a quick explanation, before I get more emails asking me for advice about “modest” dressing.

I don’t wear midis to be “modest”, you see: although the fact that I don’t have to worry about flashing my knickers every time I bend over is definitely a bonus. No, I mostly wear them because of the shoes. I feel like longer hemlines give me licence to wear higher, crazier shoes: the kind of shoes that you probably wouldn’t wear with something short or tight, because you’re not 18 any more, and you’re not on the way out to a nightclub, (And by “you”, I obviously mean “me”. You maybe ARE 18, and on your way out to a nightclub, for all I know. Good for you.) but which, when paired with a longer hem, are suddenly a lot more acceptable for day-to-day wear.

Lots of women I speak to, however, live in fear of the midi dress. They worry it will “cut them off at the legs”, the scoundrel. Or that it will make them look “stumpy”. To these people, I say, you’re probably right. Midi dresses DO have that power. But…I’m probably going to keep on wearing them anyway. ¬†Because while they can be notoriously “difficult”, especially on us shorties, they’re also comfortable, cool, and, well, swishy. Which is important.