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bodycon stripe dress and white Zara blazer

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(Dress: Topshop (old) // Blazer: Zara (new) // shoes: River Island (old) )

Last week, as loyal readers (hi, mum and dad!) may recall, Wednesday was to be the only vaguely sunny day of the week, so we took full advantage of it to have a Famous Five style adventure, only without the ginger beer and potted meat sandwiches. And also without the “adventure”, now I come to think of it.

This week, however, we are blessed indeed, for a few days ago, the weather report informed us that we would be having not one, but two – TWO! – days of not-quite-as-rubbish-as-usual weather, those days being Thursday and Friday. Well, obviously Terry and I couldn’t let that get past us, so we decided to move the weekend to those days, and move those working days to the weekend. We have that kind of power, you see. You should fear us.

Anyway, the weather has actually been a bit “meh”, but we’ve been out making the most of it anyway: we have, of course, taken roughly 6,786 photos, but I haven’t had time to get them off the camera and sort through them yet, which is why you’re getting this very quick post instead, featuring these photos from last weekend. I’ve called it “Surf n’ Turf” because I’m wearing nautical-style stripes while standing in the middle of a country road (Note: don’t try this at home, folks!), but we were actually on our way out to a Chinese/Italian restaurant at the time, so I could just as easily have called it “Fried rice n’ pizza” or maybe “Sailor girl who is also a doctor”, because, seriously, I just can’t wear this blazer without thinking I look like a doctor. In fact, I sometimes worry there will be a medical emergency wherever I’m going, and when someone cries, “Is there a doctor in the house?” all eyes will turn to me.

(Note to self: never wear this blazer in a hospital. Or with a stethoscope.)

What was I talking about?

Oh yeah, the weather! Just like always. As you can see, it was dry when these photos were taken, but the second we pulled into the car park (which was actually a couple of minutes away from where we were going), the heavens opened up and it POURED, so we had to sit in the car for ten minutes listening to the rain drum against the roof, and then make a run for it. That’s what this summer has been like. It was also pretty windy: I’m not actually flicking my hair in a pretend wind machine in those photos, you see – I basically have to stand like that any time I go outside now, otherwise my hair looks like it’s trying to kill me. And it probably is, people. It probably is.

Have a good weekend, everyone!

  1. hahahaha, fried rice and pizza sound soo much better than surf n turf. The fact that you can move the weekdays to be weekends and vice versa is indeed a great power to have and very cool. I think we can kiss good bye to summer in the UK this year. You look very demure Amber-as always.


  2. I just about fell over when I saw that dress, I WANT! Do you know if there’s anywhere it can still be found? You look beautiful as always 🙂

  3. Love the blazer, definitely recognize the weather, at least you’ve gotten some good days lately.
    Would love to hear your script for “sailor girl who’s also a doctor”, she’d have to have a floating boat hospital and be living on a yacht in her free time, right? Oh and slow running to sea shore to save drowning people? ^^

  4. I consider myself to be one of your loyal readers so next time you mention them by name, you should say Mum, Dad and Tracey. I just bought a blazer like that. I hadn’t considered the medical implications and now you have me all worried.

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