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[Dress: ASOS (new, but sold out) // Shoes: Paul & Betty c/o Sarenza // Bag: New Look (ancient) // Petticoat: eBay]

Not the best photo location, I’m afraid  (We’ve noticed recently that even if it’s been sunny all day, it’s almost guaranteed to start raining as soon as we get into the car to go somewhere, so we decided to just play it safe and grab some photos before we got into the car this time. Ha! Take that, weather! THAT spoiled your fun, didn’t it?), but this is one of my favourite dresses at the moment, so I decided to show you it anyway. You can thank me any time.

This dress is actually super-simple, but that, I think, is its power. Well, that and the petticoat I’m wearing underneath. For yes, people, I finally cracked and bought a petticoat. Well, I’d only been intending to buy one for, what, two years? Three? But every time I went to do it, there would be something else more important fun to buy, which meant that the petticoat kept being pushed back to next month. I mean, shoes or petticoat: which would YOU choose?

You totally chose petticoat, didn’t you? Because you are eminently more sensible, and probably not quite as shoe-obsessed as I am. It’s OK, I don’t blame you. Honestly, I should’ve picked the petticoat too, because it makes such a difference to all of those full-skirted dresses and skirts I like to wear. This dress, for instance, is perfectly nice without the petticoat-  as I said, I’m a big fan of “simple” clothing, and the pale blue colour was calling to me – but with it, it’s even better, and makes me feel like a 50s débutante, about to go and drink champagne on the front lawn with Freddie and the twins. Or whatever it is that 50s debutantes did.

(I’ve no idea who “Freddie” is, by the way. There’s always a “Freddie”, though, isn’t there, in novels featuring 50s debutantes…)

I found my petticoat on eBay, and because I know absolutely nothing at all about them, and wasn’t sure how much use I’d get out of it, I just went for the cheapest one I could find. I’ve already worn it quite a few times, though, so I suspect it will be the first of many. Like, maybe I could get a hot pink one. Or… do they make them with polka dots, do you think?

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