Jupiter Artland

Jupiter Artland

Jupiter Artland

As I mentioned in my last post, Terry and I decided to take a couple of days off last week to try and take advantage of the drier-than-usual weather (That turned out to be a wise decision, too: I’m typing this on Sunday morning, and I’m fairly sure that’s a Biblical-style rainstorm I can hear drumming against the windows…), and on Thursday we headed to Jupiter Artland, near Edinburgh, which, to lazily quote their own website, is “a contemporary sculpture garden”.

Actually, though, that doesn’t quite sum up what Jupiter Artland is. It’s in the grounds of an old mansion house (the owners live in it, so you can’t just rock up for tea and cakes, unfortunately…), and once you’ve parked up and paid (It was about £8 each, but totally worth it), you begin walking along a woodland path, which leads you past various installations, which seemed to me to be right out of one of the horror movies I love so much:

Jupiter Artland

Jupiter Artland

Jupiter Artland

There’s a cage with a giant hole, leading to who knows where. A gun leaning against a tree. A cemetery entered through a narrow door, and with all the names removed from the gravestones. A gang of creepy girls weeping in the woods, their hair obscuring their faces, horror-movie style.

It was absolutely amazing.

Once you’ve strolled through this sinister/beautiful woodland path, however, you emerge into a different kind of dream, this time one filled with the most amazing mounds of earth:

Jupiter Artland

Jupiter Artland

Jupiter Artland

That white thing I’m sitting on in the second-from-top photo? It’s supposed to be a sperm. I was sitting on a sperm. And I only realised after I’d smiled for the camera. Ah, well!

Oh, there are also donkeys:

hai, we're donkeys


And a cute little retro caravan/snack bar:

retro caravan

mmm, cakes

(Yes, we had three cakes. Because we had our invisible friend, Brian, with us, obviously.)

(No, it was because you had to spend more than £10 to be able to pay by card, so we were “forced” to buy another one. Oh, noes!)

There’s a whole more more, too, including a cave in the ground, made entirely out of amethyst:

Amethyst cave at Jupiter Artland

Unfortunately, it was really hard to do justice to the place on film, which is why I’ve shown you more photos of the snack bar than of the actual artworks. You’ll just have to take my word for how awesome it is, though: or, better still, pay a visit yourself if you’re ever in the area.

Trust me, it’s worth it.

I propose to find a new path

  1. Errm, what shoes are you wearing? I can’t believe I can’t see your shoes in any of the pictures. VERY cool place, thought. I love the creepy statue of the little girl in the woods.

  2. The place looks awesome! And the donkeys are so cute, and clean-looking! I’m not a big anti- dirt person (okey, yes I am), but clean animals usually means happy, well-taken-care-of animals, and well cared for animals make me happy. Happy all around!

    Not sure what it says about me or my country, but my only reaction to the “3 cakes” thing was “you had to buy 3 cakes on top of the coffee to pay 100kr??? (10£) Wow, I can have many cakes if I go to Britain..”

  3. I LOVE the picture of you in the cave. It gives an “Alice in Wonderland Space” vibe to me. Or Manga meets porcelaine doll. The coloursheme is just so pretty!

    1. Oh, I really wish those photos had worked out better – they really don’t do it justice, it was just so pretty, and very Alice-esque!

  4. I’m now sad I live too far away as that park looks brilliant!

    Never got further north than Bradford…or Preston…whichever is highest. Whenever I suggest to anyone to go to Scotland they all get this funny twitchy eye thing and start saying things like “you do KNOW how far away that is?” etc etc. Spoilsports.

  5. It looks like a fascinating place! I think I will take inspiration from your adventures and go to a sculpture garden in my area this weekend, provided the weather plays nice.

  6. Cave made of amethyst. You are kidding me. Oh my sweet baby Jesus. WOW!!!
    Throughout this entire post, my jaw kept dropping further and further, and when I thought it couldn’t drop any further, I see AMETHYST CAVE! NEED TO GO. NOW.

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