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green polka dot dress

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[Dress: handmade by my mum // shoes: Buffalo 'Alisha' c/o Spartoo]

The sun came out. And so did the polka dots.

Actually, the polka dots come out regardless of whether it’s sunny or not. You all know this. But this time around I decided to excel myself, and beat my previous “two polka dot items in one outfit” record with THREE sets of polka dots in one outfit. Well, you wouldn’t expect anything less from the president of the northern chapter of Polka Dot Lovers Anonymous, would you?

This dress is one my clever mum made for me a few months ago. She said the fabric instantly made her think of me. I have no idea why. I was actually starting to think I’d never get an opportunity to wear it this summer, but the lightweight cotton was just the thing for Friday’s hot weather, so out it came, and I couldn’t resist pairing it with these Buffalo sandals, which have white spots on a green background, in a neat little reversal of the green-on-white spots of the dress. And then I couldn’t resist adding a matching hair bow, which is actually the fabric belt from a dress I got rid of years ago, but which lives on in this belt.

polka dot shoes and dress

green polka dot shoes

What would’ve been REALLY good, of course, would’ve been if I’d zipped the dress all the way up at the back, as opposed to zipping it only part of the way up, making a mental note to ask Terry to zip up the rest, then totally forgetting about it until long after these photos were taken, when I suddenly felt the back of my dress flapping around and realised I’d left the house halfway through getting dressed again. All these years, and still the simple process of clothing myself continues to elude me!

Ah, well: at least I have something to aim for. It’s good to have ambitions…

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(P.S. No, I did not wear those shoes to go walk around in a field. I was only in the field for a few minutes, en route to somewhere with a more suitable walking surface!)

(P.P.S. I’ve submitted this post to this month’s Everybody, Everwear, although I’m not sure it really counts… The challenge was to “Forget the bright colored color blocking. It’s time to pick your color and stick with it. Choose your favorite color and wear proudly, because EBEW this month is monochromatic.” Well, my favourite colour is green, and my favourite print is polka dot, and this outfit is head-to-toe green polka dots… as I said, I’m not sure it counts, but hey, it was a good excuse to wear all my favourites in one outfit. Because I need excuses to do that, obviously.)