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pink polka dot and stripe shoes

[Skirt: Topshop // T-shirt: Primark // Shoes: Menbur c/o Sarenza // Petticoat: eBay]

…one more 50s-style skirt, worn with high heels and a bun, that is, then I promise I’ll stop … until next summer, when this little “uniform” of mine will probably come back out again.

I actually wasn’t going to bother showing you this outfit. Not because I didn’t like it – I do. But I figured it was probably a little too basic to be blog-worthy. My style has always been simple: it’s most often described as “classic” by those who like it, and “boring” by those who don’t. I can’t really disagree. And don’t get me wrong: I like to keep it simple when it comes to fashion. In fact, I sometimes think that the very “basic” outfits are some of my favourites. But at the same time I though, well, no one really needs to see yet another outfit consisting of a 50s-style skirt and pair of high heels, do they? I mean, YOU GET IT. I know you do.

The more I thought about it, though, the more I came to realise that this outfit sums up my personal style (in summer, at least) almost more than any other. Yes, it’s very simple. Yes, you could call it “boring”. Yes, I like the retro shapes, and the 50s-style fashions, and you’ll probably have to prise those stilettos off my cold, dead feet. But that’s who I am, and what I wear: I know I should probably be constantly fretting about “changing things up” and re-inventing myself all the time, but…I just can’t seem to make myself care. I don’t really want to be “edgy” or “unexpected”: I just want to enjoy wearing the things I like, while I have the chance.

Don’t get me wrong: I’m not saying personal style should never change or evolve; that I intent to stick rigidly to the same style for the rest of my life and never try anything different. Of course not. But it’s only really been in the last few years that I feel like I’ve begun to develop anything like a distinct style of my own, however predictable it may be: actually, I think it only really started when I begun blogging about my outfits. Up until then, I knew what I liked (I’ve always had very strong ideas about what I do and don’t like), but I was mostly too scared to wear those things for fear of being “different” and overdressed for everything, so my “style” was mostly just a random assortment of jeans and tops that I didn’t love and didn’t hate, and a few fabulous dresses which hung in the wardrobe for years without ever seeing the light of day.

Even now, I feel like I really only have anything like a personal style during the supposedly warmer months of the year. I know I’ve beaten this horse to death, but in summer I get to dress like myself: I get to wear what I WANT to wear, as opposed to what  I HAVE to wear because of the weather. When autumn comes, all of that ends, and I’m back to mostly wearing jeans and sweaters, because I don’t like tights (Have I mentioned I don’t like tights? Oh, only a million times – gotchya.) and hate the feeling of being bundled up in lots of layers of clothes. In fact, at this time of year, when every fashion blogger in the world with the exception of me and Roisin is getting all excited about the prospect of boots and coats and tights and OMGLAYERS, my heart just sinks (and I also feel like a complete and utter freak, to be honest) as I realise that I’ll have to go back to fighting with my wardrobe rather than enjoying it, and staring at its contents every morning wondering what on EARTH I can possibly wear today that will allow me to look like me, as opposed to like Kenny from South Park.

So, the next few months will be a challenge, is what I’m trying to say. And I’d like to say that this winter will be the year I finally learn to embrace the colder weather, and discover a way to stay true to my own style ALL year, rather than for just a few short months of each year.

But I’m warning you in advance: it probably won’t be.