The Lion, the Witch and the Transitional Wardrobe

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mint green outfit

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[Jacket, top and trousers (sold out in mint, but other colours available here): H&M // shoes: Carvela ‘Australia’ c/o Sarenza // sunglasses: eBay // necklace: ancient, no idea]

OK, before we go any further here, I’m just going to come clean: there are no lions or witches in this post. Lower your expectations, all ye who enter here.

There is, however, a transitional wardrobe, and it’s the one I purchased in just a few short hours during a “quick” trip to the mall last week. I mean, I really only went for eye makeup remover. But…


(Yes, they were selling Rubinmen. They were on Buy One, Get One Free. It would’ve been rude not to.)

So, quite a lot of eye makeup remover, then. Ahem.  As I explained to Terry when I got home, though, I actually only went to two stores (And the two least expensive stores in the mall/world, at that!), and in those two stores, I basically managed to find my entire transitional wardrobe. Then I had to explain to Terry what, exactly, a “transitional wardrobe” was. He thought it was either a) something to do with Transformers or b) a “Narnia” type situation whereby I would step inside an ACTUAL wardrobe and instantly be transported somewhere else. I mean, I WISH.

As those of you who follow teh FASHUN know, though, a transitional wardrobe consists of those items you wear during that difficult transition between Summer and Autumn (or any other two seasons with different types of weather, I guess. We only get the two different types here – “cold and dry” and “cold and wet”, so I wouldn’t really know), when it’s still too warm to break out the winter woolies, but no longer warm enough for sundresses and short sleeves. It’s the time of year we in Scotland call “September”, in other words. And during September, it looks like I’m going to mostly be wearing cropped trousers, because that’s pretty much all I bought. Or at least, I WAS going to be mostly wearing cropped trousers. The thing about me and clothes shopping, though, is that, by the simple act of buying clothes, I seem to have the ability to change the weather completely. So as soon as I went out and bought myself some September-appropriate clothes…

…summer arrived. Yes, SUMMER. As in, just a couple of days after these photos were taken, I was back in my sundresses, and it was warmer that it was in July and August.

Don’t worry, I’m not complaining. I just wish I’d thought of this sooner: I’d have rushed out and bought myself some coats and boots back in May if I’d known the effect it would have! And hey, at least those mint green trousers, which I thought I’d probably have to put away until Spring, got at least one outing…


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