End of the line

autumn look featuring tweed jacket

casual autumn outfit

classic fall fashion : tweed jacket with brass buttons

(H&M trousers // New Look jacket // Ralph Lauren sweater // Topshop shoes // Vintage clutch // Gucci sunglasses c/o Shopbop)

Folks, I’m having a touch of Blogger’s Block here. I’m all out of words. I think I must have used up all my words on that last post (Thanks for all your comments on that, by the way: I was a bit worried about publishing it, but I’m glad I did.). And, OK, the one before that. And that one where I managed to write over 2000 words about my hair. Actually, I think I probably used up all YOUR words last month, too. Is anyone finding themselves strangely silent this week? Sorry about that: I used all the words in all the world, and now there are none left – sob!

I’m expecting a new delivery of words soon, so until then, here are some outfit photos, taken last week. I’ve noticed that most of the fashion bloggers I follow have been posting photos with the most amazing autumnal backdrops, all golden leaves and tons of colours. We don’t have that yet – the leaves have started to fall, but the trees are mostly still green, so I decided to give a nod to Autumn with my outfit instead. This is my take on a heritage/ OMGFALLISMYFAVOURITESEASON* look. I feel like all I need now is a pony, and I’d be all set. I’ve felt like that my whole life long, though, so what else is new?

(*It isn’t. I still hate it.)

P.S. These photos were taken at a children’s light railway, which is closed for the season: don’t play on the railway lines, kids!



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