polka dot dress

autumn leaves

thigh high boots


Dress: Dorothy Perkins  // Boots: River Island // Sunglasses: House of Harlow ‘Chelsea’ // Cardigan: Star by Julien MacDonald // Clutch: vintage

 Well, as predicted, Everyone’s Favourite Season has kinda made me lose the will to live blog. This weekend was the first time we’d seen actual sunlight in over a week (not even exaggerating here. For once.) and I’m seriously starting to feel the effects of S.A.D – in fact I’ve made a mental note to dig my S.A.D. lamp out of storage, even although I secretly suspect it doesn’t actually make much of a difference. Even fake light would be better than nothing, though, at this point: I read last week that rickets is starting to make a comeback in the north of Britain due to the lack of sunlight – eek!

Perhaps because of the weather, I’m still feeling the effects of that lurgy I was moaning talking about in my last post, which means I haven’t really been doing much either: I’m in full-on hibernation mode, basically. I mean, we haven’t even gone apple-picking, or to the pumpkin patch, or sipped warm apple cider or done ANY of those classic autumn activities everyone else seems to be doing right now. In fact, I’ll just be honest: any time I wasn’t either working, whining or otherwise feeling sorry for myself last week, I was spending my time in the important activity of rebuilding my Sim house in Sims Social. And no one is ever going to convince me that time was wasted, because seriously, that house is like a palace now.

This weekend the weather is forecast to dip below zero. I think it might be time to think about remodelling my Sim beach house…

    1. LoL! It’s so funny to me that something that makes me feel ill/depressed all the time is something other people envy! It’s really a shame we can’t all swap places 🙂

  1. I am totally feeling your pain! I have very pale skin and no desire to tan but once in a while over the winter months I have 2 minutes on my friends sunbed which perks me up no end! Maybe you should give it a try. xx

  2. oooh I wish my sims social was working.. but nope, bitten by “the” bug months ago while I was finishing my swimming pool and blam! I can’t even enter the game now.. I wish my Sims 1 was playing either… but nope, I got too many downloads and it’s crashing after loading. Sigh. So to fight winter hibernation I just boght me Sims 3….. Hell yes. It’s a good game. Don’t feel depressed Amber. With the high temperatures we have here (still 25°C today), it’s not even Fall where I live, and apple picking and pumpkins are not traditional around here, we don’t have halloween either! But still, I love Autumn colors, and the rain. Yep, the lack of light makes me feel lethargic, infact I always feel the urge of sleeping, and sleeping… and eating! So it’s not a question of temperatures, it’s just… that maybe even humans need to hibernate. I will do it in front of my sims game.
    Love that DP dress, those polka dots are very Amber-y if is that a word! 🙂

  3. Aw, bless. I have to say if you don’t like Autumn / winter then now’s a real struggle. Have you ever thought of taking a herbal supplement in the dark winter months, like St. John’s Wort? *hugs* x

    1. I can’t take St John’s Wort, unfortunately, but I think I might need to invest in some vitamin C/D or something like that to see if it helps: at the moment I would quite happily just stay in bed until Spring!

  4. LOVE your dress and how you paired it with these boots! So sorry to hear that you’re still feeling that way. The weather here is still around 20°C, but the days are smaller now, and I feel depressed without the summer light. And now that we’re going to turn our clocks to winter time again, they’re gonna be even smaller. 🙁

  5. I’m sorry to hear you’re feeling under the weather, sweetie. Today I felt a bit bleak too, the last wee while it has been cold but bright but today was one of those days when the fog just didn’t lift. I need to get a SAD lamp myself. But it might cheer you up a bit to tell you that last night I managed to button myself to a blanket on the sofa. So there’s that x

    1. Lol! I know I shouldn’t laugh at your misfortune, but… I totally did. And I needed it, so thank you!

      I’m hoping things will get a bit better once we get into winter proper, as weird as that might sound: we tend to get a lot more of the cold-but-bright days then, whereas the last couple of weeks have been just non-stop rain (with the exception of this weekend), so there’s just no light at all: it really starts to get you after a while…

  6. You look very pensive in that first photo. On the bright side, you also look very stylish. At least if you’re going to be miserable you will look good doing it.

    p.s. blue skies and sunshine here today. Consider moving to Melbourne.

  7. Heh, no waiste in time well spent on online games. 😉 Im a gamer myself, but im fiddling on my hobbit hole in Lord of the rings online. 🙂 No shame in that! 🙂

  8. I completely understand, Andy and I were just making plans the other day to combat the ensuing darkness. We’re going for a S.A.D Alarm Clock, in the hopes it makes it slightly easier to get out of bed, and I’m planning on making us to exercise because endorphins are the only things that have really helped me in the past.

    Still, no matter how much we all do… bring on the spring!

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