And it was all yellow

yellow dress

bright yellow dress

yellow dress


Dress: Dorothy Perkins // Shoes: New Look // Petticoat: eBay // Coat: not shown, but definitely present

I’ve been wearing mostly jeans and trousers (and actually, mostly the SAME jeans and the SAME old trousers) lately, so this weekend, in a bid to stick to my resolution and try to inject a bit of the things I love about my summer wardrobe into my winter one, I broke out a big-skirted dress and braved the drizzly rain in it.

(Aside: yes, I had a coat in the car, which I put on the second these photos were taken. Actually, from here on out, you can safely assume that there’s always a coat just out of shot: I take it off for the photos, otherwise you wouldn’t be able to actually see the outfit, then it goes straight back on!)

I bought this dress last winter, and was so happy to find a dress with sleeves, which I could actually bend down in without flashing everyone, that I bought it in green, too. And then, having done that, I found I actually didn’t wear either of them nearly as much as I’d thought I would, because seriously, Dorothy Perkins? Elbow-length sleeves on a winter dress? What’s up with that?  Don’t you realise I’m just going to have to put a cardigan over the top of it?  Do you hear how whiny my voice goes when I start talking about this? DO YOU?

Well, I did end up having to put a cardigan over the top of it. And it looks like I’ll have to add a black version of my white petticoat to my “things I totally can’t live without” list, if I don’t want the white edges to always be on show. But if that’s all it takes to put a little bit of sunshine back into my life, well, that’s just fine by me…

yellow dress and umbrella

yellow dress