yellow dress

bright yellow dress

yellow dress


Dress: Dorothy Perkins // Shoes: New Look // Petticoat: eBay // Coat: not shown, but definitely present

I’ve been wearing mostly jeans and trousers (and actually, mostly the SAME jeans and the SAME old trousers) lately, so this weekend, in a bid to stick to my resolution and try to inject a bit of the things I love about my summer wardrobe into my winter one, I broke out a big-skirted dress and braved the drizzly rain in it.

(Aside: yes, I had a coat in the car, which I put on the second these photos were taken. Actually, from here on out, you can safely assume that there’s always a coat just out of shot: I take it off for the photos, otherwise you wouldn’t be able to actually see the outfit, then it goes straight back on!)

I bought this dress last winter, and was so happy to find a dress with sleeves, which I could actually bend down in without flashing everyone, that I bought it in green, too. And then, having done that, I found I actually didn’t wear either of them nearly as much as I’d thought I would, because seriously, Dorothy Perkins? Elbow-length sleeves on a winter dress? What’s up with that?  Don’t you realise I’m just going to have to put a cardigan over the top of it?  Do you hear how whiny my voice goes when I start talking about this? DO YOU?

Well, I did end up having to put a cardigan over the top of it. And it looks like I’ll have to add a black version of my white petticoat to my “things I totally can’t live without” list, if I don’t want the white edges to always be on show. But if that’s all it takes to put a little bit of sunshine back into my life, well, that’s just fine by me…

yellow dress and umbrella

yellow dress

  1. These photos are so lovely, Amber! I like the white petticoat, and wonder if a black one wouldn’t look too formal for this gorgeous dress. The temperature sweet-spot in between optional layering and effect-ruining-winter-coat-dammit is sadly so small!

    1. It really is – I actually just packed away my trench coats and blazers, because it’s already too cold to wear them: I think we get about two weeks’ per year when they’re weather appropriate!

  2. I was gutted to hear this was from last year (mustard is totally my colour obession of the season)….but then had to feel better when you commented on the sleeves – WHAT IS WITH HALF LENGTH SLEEVES?!?!!!! Who doesn’t get a cold forearm at the best of times in our climate?!

    P.S. a look incorporating a cute coat never goes amiss – I’m always looking for layering without looking like an eskimo inspiration 🙂

    1. I know! It totally perplexes me! Then again, I’m possibly a bit weird in that it’s almost NEVER warm enough for me to have bare arms – if my arms are warm, the rest of me is generally warm too (even if it’s not as wrapped up), but if my arms are even the slightest bit chilly, I’ll be freezing!

      Layering is unfortunately not my strong point: I know fashion bloggers are supposed to love it, but I hate the feeling of being bundled up in lots of clothes, so I normally just wear what I normally would, then throw the warmest thing I can find over the top. I think I need layering lessons!

  3. YES! gorgeous pics, I love it how the yellow and lovely ginger of your hair just pop out of the grays… Totally perfect.
    <3 Yellow dresses..! I just got me a pretty similar dress in green (but with no sleeves, I think I am going to use it with blouses and shirts underneath as a pinafore, now that temperatures are dramatically dropping down) and I was thinking of getting it in mustard as well… I am loving it so much!
    As for your layering, this very one is in fact impossible to layer with something underneath (as short sleeves ones) unless you're very young and aim to the "Emily the strange" look. Everything is forgiven to teens. They actually look cute with long sleeves under short sleeves! But it's not acceptable for a woman, I'm afraid. A cardigan above is the only option. Maybe I'd opt for some long gloves in wool to give an extra coverage – warm, and classic!

  4. Oh, I have this dress in pink and I wear it all the time, even last winter. Even with the half sleeves. I guess I’m just stuborn (and stupid) like that. 🙂

    1. Ooh, I didn’t know they’d released it in pink too! And it’s not stupid – I’m just permanently freezing: it has to be really warm for me to be able to deal with bare arms!

  5. Gorgeous photos! And you’re right, the last one really is special (in a wonderful way :)). I have this dress, too, but in green (I think you do too) and I wear it with a chunky black necklace and no belt, ’cause I haven’t the waist for it :).

  6. Amber, you look great! You could use this as your halloween costume next year actually. It’s perfect for the Morton Salt girl! Just add you pretty Carvella yellow shoes, and you’ll be all set! Or any yellow flats would be good too.

  7. I wore this dress this week too! It’s a good autumn colour I think, and nice and stretchy to accomodate the bump just now… 🙂

    However, it’s just a bit too short for all of my petticoats. I’ll have to invest in a shorter one, because it looks great over yours!

    Asos have some great swing dresses in just now, with long sleeves too – like this polka dot one:,49&sh=0&pge=0&pgesize=20&sort=-1&clr=Black
    I’m tempted by this one:


    1. Haha, you’re the second person this week to tell me about that polka dot one – my reputation precedes me! I actually got it yesterday, but it’s currently sitting on the “to be altered” pile, because it’s almost ankle-length on me: beautiful dress, just SOOOO long! (Which I should have been prepared for, given that the model is 5’10”!)

      The yellow dress is actually too short for my petticoat, too – I had to roll it round at the waist a couple of times, and keep a close eye on the hem in case it started dangling (which it did in the photos, obviously, but just because I was jumping around)! I definitely need to get a black one now, so it doesn’t show as much beneath my shorter dresses. And I actually have you and Roisin to thank for getting me into wearing petticoats – I don’t know how I managed without one now!

  8. I love this outfit Amber! You look fabulous, so fab in fact that I’m considering lifting my no-yellow rule. I am so glad you got this dress in two colors it’s too cute!

  9. Oh I love yellow! I haven’t worn it much though since autumn came along. I guess I need to make sure yellow is part of my autumn/winter wardrobe as much as it is spring/summer!

  10. I’ve just stumbled upon your blog, and am literally in love with this dress!! I’m so gutted that you bought it last year! I may need to go on a hunt for a similar version now!

    Lovee all your pictures 🙂

    Aimée Xx

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