Louche Leanna dress

red shoes and polka dot dress

Louche Leanna polka dot dress

red high heel shoes

Dress: Louche ‘Leanna’ dress c/o Zalando // Shoes: Office c/o Idealo.co.uk // Cardigan: Next Kids // Nude fishnet tights: Accessorize

Last week the people at Zalando got in touch and asked me if I’d like to try out a couple of pieces from their site. “Are you kidding?!” was my answer to that one…

Well, luckily for me they weren’t kidding, and, despite the thousands upon thousands of items to be found on the Zalando website, it took me all of about two minutes to pick out my first item, which is this ‘Leanna’ dress by Louche.

This was an easy choice for me, because I actually already own the twin sister of this dress, the ‘Leigh'(which I wore in this post), and the Leanna dress had been on my winter wish list ever since it was released. Well, it’s a polka dot dress with a swishy skirt – you wouldn’t expect any less of me really, would you?

(Aside: Don’t you just love it when clothing brands give their dresses names? It saves me the trouble of having to come up with them myself.)

(I’m kidding, I don’t actually name my clothes.)

(Well, not all of them, anyway…)

The dress arrived a couple of days after I placed my order, and was everything I was expecting it to be. This is made from the same silky fabric as the ‘Leigh’ dress (it’s not actual silk, you understand, but it still feels gorgeous) and has the same basic design. The only difference is the navy colour, which is one of my favourite clothing shades, because it has the same neutral/classic feel as black, but is a little less draining on my pale skin (which, seriously, has gone from “consumptive” to “vampire” in the last couple of weeks. Thanks, winter!).

My preference would’ve been to have worn this the same way I wore its twin, but because this is November, not June, I had to Autumn it up with a cardigan and my trusty nude fishnets. If I’d been planning to be outdoors for longer, I’d have gone for opaques, but we were just headed out to eat, so I figured the full “Nanook of the North” treatment wasn’t really needed to sit in a restaurant…

As for the title of this post: well, having started my school uniform collection with the white shirt I bought for my Halloween costume this year, I continued it with this cardigan, which comes from the kids’ section at Next, and had a label attached proclaiming it to be part of their “Girls’ School” collection. It has a name tag inside and everything.  (Which, actually, isn’t a bad idea for me. I mean, it’s not like I’ve never lost clothes, is it? ) Awesome. I just need a grey skirt and some nice, sensible shoes, and I’ll be all set!

Louche Leanna navy dress

  1. That’s such a lovely dress! My husband actually does give my dresses names…I had to stop wearing one after he repeatedly called it the ‘pint of Guinness dress’. Poor old dress.

  2. This is an awesome dress! I remember how much I loved the green one when I saw this post. This color is perfect for this season as the green one was for the summer. If I had dresses as beautiful as yours, I would probably name them ;-).

    1. I actually mentioned in my last post that I always have a coat with me which I take off for a few seconds for the photos – you wouldn’t be able to see the outfit otherwise 🙂

  3. Such a perfect dress, I totally understand why you picked it! And you did it, it’s now on my wishlist… If I am ever going to splurge my money somewhere, it will be in this perfect little blue dress. <3
    Love these pictures! are you jumping in heels on the first one? wow.

  4. I love this dress and have it too! You look great. However, I have to ask…is the belt on yours knackered already?? A few I saw in the Joy shop looked a bit shoddy and mine has split a little already. Not good for the price! I will keep the dress as I love it and can find another belt – but just wondered if you’d had the same?

    1. Hi Sarah,

      No, I haven’t noticed anything like that – I’ve only had it for a couple of weeks though, so I haven’t had much of a chance to wear it!

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