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Zara check midi dress

grey Zara dress

House of Harlow Chelsea sunglasses

Dress: Zara // Boots: Topshop Barley2 (old) // clutch: vintage c/o my mum’s closet // suglasses: House of Harlow ‘Chelsea’

OK, first up, I have absolutely no idea what that weird green light on my stomach is in the very first photo. There aren’t any mysterious marks on my dress (for once) so it’s obviously something in the picture itself, but WHAT? Terry says moisture on the lens, but it wasn’t raining, and there definitely wasn’t any humidity in the air, so I’m thinking probably more like an alien impregnation in progress or something? I was going to try to Photoshop it out, but I decided just to leave it, so that if I DO start to exhibit behaviour consistent with an alien takeover of my body/mind (“BUT HOW WILL WE KNOW?!” I hear you cry…), you’ll all at least have had some prior warning, and will be able to alert the appropriate authorities. (Note to self: find out who appropriate authorities are in cases of alien takeover of fashion bloggers.) And also because, seriously, I know I don’t have the most exciting life in the world, but even I have better things to do with my time than Photoshop weird green marks off my stomach. Well, Sims Social isn’t going to play itself, is it?

Anyway, enough of these alien-impregnation shenanigans, and on to the outfit. Actually, I wasn’t going to post these photos: this dress is new, and has quickly become a favourite, but unfortunately it just doesn’t photograph well, so while I love it in real life, I don’t think the photos really do it justice. (That may be something to do with the aliens too, who knows?) (I’m going to blame the aliens for everything now, by the way. Always good to have a scapegoat, and Rubin’s tired of it always being him…)

I decided to show you it anyway, though, because remember back when I said I was going to tell the story of my clothes? Well, this dress has a story. No, don’t worry, it’s not one of those stories where I don’t buy the dress, then it sells out, and I have to spend months stalking it on eBay. (Although I DO have one of those stories in stock too, funnily enough…) No, the purchase of this dress was pretty uneventful. Its first outing, however, was not. See, a few weeks ago, my parents surprised Terry and I with tickets to the theatre, so this weekend we took them for afternoon tea at The Peacock, to thank them. (That wasn’t when these photos were taken, by the way: I’ve actually worn this dress twice already since I bought it. Only one time attracted the attention of the OMGALIENS, though…)

The Peacock Inn

(Side note: The Peacock doesn’t actually do its afternoon teas at the weekend, but when Terry called to book, the person on the phone said they weren’t busy, so it would be fine. But they neglected to relay this information to the people who would actually be working that day, so we turned up, all ready for some cake n’ cocktails, and they could not have been more surprised to see us. They also could not have been nicer about it, though, because even although they weren’t prepared for afternoon tea, they made it for us anyway, and they even baked the scones from scratch especially. Isn’t that amazing? If you’re ever in Edinburgh, you should totally go there. But not on the weekend if you want afternoon tea, obviously…)

afternoon tea

(I had intended to take some photos of the rest of the food, like a proper blogger, but they brought out the champagne first, and after that I was all, “Meh, who cares?” Because I’m THAT kind of blogger…)

Where was I? Oh yes: we went to The Peacock, and then, on the way home, my parents suggested we pop into Ikea, just to remind ourselves how fortunate we are not to have to go to Ikea most weekends. Now, as crazy as it might sound to visit Ikea when you don’t have to, Terry and I agreed to this because, as you might recall, we’re hoping to buy a new house soon, and that means that all of our spare time and energy is currently spent looking at houses (on the internet, naturally: we’re not at the stage of actually viewing them in person yet), talking about houses, and, when we get tired of that, looking at things to put inside houses.

So, off we went.

It was as we walked through the door and were confronted with the huge staircase leading up to the main part of the store that I realised I was in trouble. You see, this dress is basically what’s known as a “wiggle” dress. The space at the bottom is really, really narrow,  and although it’s fine to walk in, walking up stairs is, well, not so fine. Folks, I could barely do it. Or rather, I could… but I could only do it by adopting a bizarre, crab-like movement where I kind of pressed my legs together at the knees and then swung them from side to side as I encountered each step. GOD.

Terry took the sensible measure of pretending he didn’t know me. My parents, meanwhile? They just stood at the top of the stairs and laughed. They’re probably still laughing now, actually. My mum has told me to bring the dress with me next time I come round, so she can put a little kick-pleat in the back. She said this through tears of laughter, though, so, I dunno, it could be that she just wants to see me wear it again so they can try to make me run uphill in it or something. I mean, I bought the dress for me, but really, it’s brought joy to the whole family. I should buy dresses more often, shouldn’t I?

(*Haha, just joking, Terry! Like I could POSSIBLY buy dresses more often!)

[Disclaimer: Yes, I had a coat with me - I just took it off for a few seconds to take photos!]

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