red Tibi taffeta skirt

 red full skirt

red Tibi full taffeta skirt

Skirt: Tibi c/o Shopbop // turtleneck: Primark // Boots: Topshop // obi belt: New Look (I think)

Yes, I know: I look a bit like Mrs. Claus here. Trust me, it could have been – and almost WAS- so much worse. I mean, I originally put on a cream sweater with this outfit. Then I took one look in the mirror, realised that small children would probably want to sit on my lap and tell me what they wanted for Christmas, so I made a swift change. I still ended up looking rather festive, though, which I guess is a nice change from my usual “Bah, Humbug” approach to this time of year, so I’m just going to go with it. Yo ho ho! It’s not Santa Claus who comes down your chimney on Christmas Eve, children: it’s ME! Please don’t bother with the cookies and milk this year, I much prefer shoes and wine…

As you can see, as the Christmas season approaches, I’m grabbing every possible opportunity to be over-dressed. Well, it’s the one time of year when you can do it and everyone just assumes you’re off to some kind of holiday party, isn’t it? Actually, this week doesn’t contain any actual parties, but it’s a week of celebration none the less, because tomorrow is the anniversary of my first date with Terry, and Saturday is T-Day, a.k.a the anniversary of Terry’s transplant. Unfortunately it’s also a week of working late as we prepare to take some time off over Christmas, so we did a bit of low-key celebrating this weekend instead, and went out for a meal and some drinks. Hopefully there will be more opportunities to overdress and have fun before the world ends on the 21st and if not, well, at least I got to wear this skirt. Priorities, people. Priorities.

(P.S. About the sunglasses: first of all, I should probably point out that it wasn’t actually snowing in these photos – Terry and I were just throwing handfuls of snow around to make it LOOK like it was. And secondly: look, I know people make fun of fashion bloggers for wearing sunglasses “just because they think it looks good in photos”. I actually take mine OFF for photos (and then immediately replace them) as often as I can because of this, but the fact is, my eyes are so sensitive to light (quite common in migraine sufferers, apparently…) that if I’m outdoors and it’s not dark, I’ll probably be wearing sunglasses. Or I’ll be screwing up my watery eyes and squinting, and everyone will think I’m angry/upset about something, when it’s just that I can’t see a thing. The sun was actually quite bright when we took these, and because it’s so low in the sky at this time of year, it’s a particular menace to people like me, so I’m not joking: we took, like a kazillionty one photos without the sunglasses, and I had my eyes closed in a kazillionty of them. It was driving Terry mad, so the glasses went back on, and it’s probably just as well, because that’s what I actually look like when I’m out and about. Seriously, there are some people in our street who have never seen my face. They probably think I’m a cyborg or something.

That would’ve been a much BETTER explanation for why I’m wearing OMGSUNGLASSESINWINTER, wouldn’t it? Ah, well…)