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camel coat and tan boots

tan over-the-knee boots

Coat: Primark c/o // Dress: ASOS // Boots: Zara

Well, it snowed. Boo! And then it melted! Yay! And then… it snowed again. Double boo!

These photos were actually taken at the start of the week, during a “melting” phase, when we were all, “Ah, it’ll be gone in a couple of hours, and the world will be saved!” As I write this, though, it’s snowing again, so our joy was short-lived. I am writing this yesterday, though, in the manner of a creepy voice-from-the-past woman, so who knows what has happened in the time between me writing this post and it being automatically published the next day?

(Actually, while we’re on the subject of voices from the past, just looking at these photos makes me wish I could return to the past, if only to fix the belt on my coat and make it look less sloppy. Alas, it’s one of those belts that keeps coming untied, and then having to be re-tied as you walk: by the time these were taken, I’d re-tied it approximately 593 times, and apparently by the time I got to the 594th time, I was pretty much DONE with the whole belt-tying thing…)

By the time you read this, I could be stowed away on a plane to Mexico, driven mad by the cold. Or I could just be rocking back and forth in the corner muttering about the snow, the snow, OMGTHESNOW. You will never know. Except you totally WILL, because you all know me well enough by now to have looked at the weather report for this week (if you’re in the UK) and thought, “Oh God, time to un-subscribe from Amber’s blog again, before she starts whining endlessly about the snow! Does she not realise that some people don’t GOT no snow, for goodness sake?!” And how right you are.

Anyway! As regular readers (Er, who haven’t unsubscribed yet…) will perhaps recall, Terry has been predicting a Melting for years now. Let’s just hope this is the Melting he was talking about…

    1. Haha, that reminds me of my high school days… every other school in the area would close at the first sign of a snowflake, but mine would always manage to stay open, no matter what happened! (And I lived close enough to walk, too: not fair!)

  1. I am completely with you concerning the snow. Hate it. So. Much.
    My heart literally dropped when I saw that it was snowing this morning which meant travelling into work in some hideously old wellies as all I seem to have are high heels and highly impractical boots. Oh I do wish it would go away. Especially as I’m travelling to Ireland for Christmas and if I get stopped again in the airport (worst 3 days of my life sleeping on Heathrow’s floor) I will not be a happy bunny (probably the understatement of the year there…)

    1. See, I think this is what the people who get OMGSOJEALOUS of snow don’t always realise – it may look pretty, but once it starts to seriously disrupt your life like that, you really couldn’t care less what it looks like!

      (And wow, three days? We got stuck for 18 hours a couple of years ago because of the snow, and I thought THAT was bad. I think three days would have made me lose my mind!)

  2. Oh I love the snow! We don’t get it so much these days, so when we do, I like it. But it always melts soon enough. But I get what you feel.
    The coat is fantastic, and I wouldn’t even have noticed the belt, if you hadn’t mentioned it. I’m sure the outfit underneath it is also fantastic.

  3. Boo snow. I hate snow. It looks pretty, but that feeling last for 1..2..3 seconds. Then I hate it. It snowed in Italy as well this past week. Boo. It was snowing and melting all together, but temperatures dramatically dropped down. I decided to spend my days indoors drinking as much tea and hot chocolate I could! and eating popcorn and everyting else while watching movies.
    Love this coat! it might be one of those with a pesky belt, but it’s gorgeous indeed. You look great in neutrals!

  4. I love the snow so much, but it hardly ever snows here in Yorkshire, and if it does it only lasts a couple of days! We have a farm behind our house though so it is perfect to go sledging on =) I love those boots, did you get them long ago or do you think zara will still stock them?

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