365 Photo-a-Day Project #1-8: Starting Over

365 project

As I mentioned in my New Year’s post, this year I’ve embarked upon a 365 project, in which I’m endeavoring to take a photo every day for year. And I’m doing it on Instagram, because, well, OF COURSE I’m doing it on Instagram. If there was a way to just live INSIDE Instagram, I’d probably do it: I know it’s becoming fashionable to hate it for all of its overly-filtered ‘food n’ feet’ photos, but I’ve never claimed to be fashionable (Yes, I know this is technically a “fashion” blog, but have you ever seen me wear neon? Or a mullet skirt? Or Jeffery Campbell shoes? I rest my case.), and I still love it. Well, everything looks better with a ‘Nashville’ filter, doesn’t it? And it’s a whole lot easier to take my phone with me everywhere than to lug around a DSLR…

A lot of people who do these projects do it to improve their photography skills, or become more disciplined or whatever. For me, it’s simply about documentation. I’ve been documenting my life ever since that first paper journal, back when I was 10 years old, and while I’ve long since ditched the journals, I’ve never really lost that urge to keep track of things in some way, as if it’s remotely important to be able to remember that on January 2nd 2013, I ate a bag handful of Haribo mix.

The thing is, though, it kind of IS important. To me, anyway. I’m not even really sure WHY it’s important (I rarely ever read back over those old journals, for instance, so the things they document aren’t exactly at the forefront of my mind), but I decided to start this project because I liked the idea of getting to the end of the year and being able to look back and have a memory for every single day, even the less-than-memorable ones. (Which is, er, most of them, really…) Let’s face it: most of those days just get lost, don’t they? We remember the high days and holidays (and because we look back on them so often, they become magnified and distorted in our minds, coming to seem more important than they really were…), but we don’t remember the random Tuesdays in February, or the second Sunday in July. That seems somehow sad to me, and I thought this could be one way to help me remember and celebrate the little things in life, and also to get me back into the habit of writing about my life,  rather than just about my clothes.

Here are some of the little things from the past week:

365 project


1. Champagne on New year’s Day // 2. Those Haribo sours I keep mentioning // 3. I got up to go to the bathroom and when I came back to bed I found Rubin had made himself at home… // 4. A trip to International Starters (or “International House of Starters”, as my family now call it: thanks, mum!) for my mother-in-law’s birthday // 5. These Topshop trousers arrived that morning: naturally I had to wear them right away…

I should probably warn you that this project will be featuring a LOT of this guy:


6. Rubinman!

This was taken on Sunday morning, when, in a fit of enthusiasm for the start of the working week, I took off the bedsheets to replace them with fresh ones. Rubin never misses an opportunity to snuggle into the discarded duvet…

365 project

7. First run of the year: it was raining, and I can’t tell you how hard it was to drag myself out in it, but I’m glad I did // 8. Moody sky. I’m a sucker for a moody sky…

 From this, my main observation is that, despite declaring that I don’t make New Year’s resolutions, I started my year exactly the same way as everyone else does: fresh sheets, renewed dedication to the exercise regime, er, pair of tartan trousers…  (What? You didn’t kick off 2013 in a pair of tartan trousers?!) For one reason and another, our holiday season lasts until the end of the first week in January, so I don’t even ATTEMPT to do the whole “New Year, new you!” thing until around January 7th, which I see as the “real” start of the year, because it’s when everything goes back to normal. Up until then I know there will still be plenty of occasions when I’ll be offered copious amounts of unhealthy food and beverages, so I basically just go with it, and take the view that if I’m going to eat all that Christmas chocolate AT SOME POINT (And I think we all know I AM…), that point may as well be NOW, so I can get it all out of the way. Genius, no?

Anyway, I’m now back in my usual routine, so if you’re following this project on Instagram (if you are, please feel free to leave me a comment with your Instagram name so I can follow you back!), you can expect lots of photos of Rubin and shoes, although not necessarily at the same time. Just the same as last year, in other words…