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As I mentioned in my New Year’s post, this year I’ve embarked upon a 365 project, in which I’m endeavoring to take a photo every day for year. And I’m doing it on Instagram, because, well, OF COURSE I’m doing it on Instagram. If there was a way to just live INSIDE Instagram, I’d probably do it: I know it’s becoming fashionable to hate it for all of its overly-filtered ‘food n’ feet’ photos, but I’ve never claimed to be fashionable (Yes, I know this is technically a “fashion” blog, but have you ever seen me wear neon? Or a mullet skirt? Or Jeffery Campbell shoes? I rest my case.), and I still love it. Well, everything looks better with a ‘Nashville’ filter, doesn’t it? And it’s a whole lot easier to take my phone with me everywhere than to lug around a DSLR…

A lot of people who do these projects do it to improve their photography skills, or become more disciplined or whatever. For me, it’s simply about documentation. I’ve been documenting my life ever since that first paper journal, back when I was 10 years old, and while I’ve long since ditched the journals, I’ve never really lost that urge to keep track of things in some way, as if it’s remotely important to be able to remember that on January 2nd 2013, I ate a bag handful of Haribo mix.

The thing is, though, it kind of IS important. To me, anyway. I’m not even really sure WHY it’s important (I rarely ever read back over those old journals, for instance, so the things they document aren’t exactly at the forefront of my mind), but I decided to start this project because I liked the idea of getting to the end of the year and being able to look back and have a memory for every single day, even the less-than-memorable ones. (Which is, er, most of them, really…) Let’s face it: most of those days just get lost, don’t they? We remember the high days and holidays (and because we look back on them so often, they become magnified and distorted in our minds, coming to seem more important than they really were…), but we don’t remember the random Tuesdays in February, or the second Sunday in July. That seems somehow sad to me, and I thought this could be one way to help me remember and celebrate the little things in life, and also to get me back into the habit of writing about my life,  rather than just about my clothes.

Here are some of the little things from the past week:

365 project


1. Champagne on New year’s Day // 2. Those Haribo sours I keep mentioning // 3. I got up to go to the bathroom and when I came back to bed I found Rubin had made himself at home… // 4. A trip to International Starters (or “International House of Starters”, as my family now call it: thanks, mum!) for my mother-in-law’s birthday // 5. These Topshop trousers arrived that morning: naturally I had to wear them right away…

I should probably warn you that this project will be featuring a LOT of this guy:


6. Rubinman!

This was taken on Sunday morning, when, in a fit of enthusiasm for the start of the working week, I took off the bedsheets to replace them with fresh ones. Rubin never misses an opportunity to snuggle into the discarded duvet…

365 project

7. First run of the year: it was raining, and I can’t tell you how hard it was to drag myself out in it, but I’m glad I did // 8. Moody sky. I’m a sucker for a moody sky…

 From this, my main observation is that, despite declaring that I don’t make New Year’s resolutions, I started my year exactly the same way as everyone else does: fresh sheets, renewed dedication to the exercise regime, er, pair of tartan trousers…  (What? You didn’t kick off 2013 in a pair of tartan trousers?!) For one reason and another, our holiday season lasts until the end of the first week in January, so I don’t even ATTEMPT to do the whole “New Year, new you!” thing until around January 7th, which I see as the “real” start of the year, because it’s when everything goes back to normal. Up until then I know there will still be plenty of occasions when I’ll be offered copious amounts of unhealthy food and beverages, so I basically just go with it, and take the view that if I’m going to eat all that Christmas chocolate AT SOME POINT (And I think we all know I AM…), that point may as well be NOW, so I can get it all out of the way. Genius, no?

Anyway, I’m now back in my usual routine, so if you’re following this project on Instagram (if you are, please feel free to leave me a comment with your Instagram name so I can follow you back!), you can expect lots of photos of Rubin and shoes, although not necessarily at the same time. Just the same as last year, in other words…

  1. I started following you on Instagram earlier in the week, I haven’t used it myself for almost a year. I quite like it, when you don’t have time to read blogs you can still keep up with snippets here and there whilst your little one is in the bath or eating their dinner (read: throwing spaghetti on the floor) or drinking their milk 🙂

    1. I use it a lot like that myself – I tend to check in with it while I’m waiting for the kettle to boil, or for dinner to be ready or whatever. It’s by far my favourite of all the social networks I’m on: I hardly ever look at Twitter, and I’m starting to really dislike Facebook, but I find it absolutely fascinating to see all the little snippets of people’s lives that they capture on Instagram. I know a lot of people criticise it for being full of mundane stuff, but that’s actually one of the reasons I like it – it contains all the things you’d otherwise never get to know about a person.

      I will look for you there so I can follow you back 🙂

  2. I am looking forward to seeing more of Rubin (he needs his own blog! lol)

    I have found myself accidentally making fresh starts with things too despite my big post also declaring I wasn’t it all the ‘new year, new you’ just like you. I have found myself eating healthier and also doing some clearing out of things, I haven’t gone as far as getting my ever expanding bottom back into the gym yet though lol (next week maybe, when all the January starters have cleared off!)

    Have a lovely Wednesday 🙂

    Janine xx

      1. Oh my god!!! You have totally just made my week with this, I have added as a favourite, I am going to have a read through Rubins blog this afternoon 🙂

        This thing about the crowded gym is this week’s excuse, I am not sure what excuse I will use next week… my motivation seems to have gone AWOL since November but I refuse to be beaten and cancel my membership as I love it when I get into it (running and getting nowhere whilst watching BBC news on silent is sooo my thing, really) I will sort it out, I WILL (keep telling myself that lol)

        Janine xx

  3. A photo a day is a great idea. I have thought of it and kind of started this year, and the last, not on Instagram though. I already quit because I was taking photos of myself and that was too time consuming. I never get a good self photo the first, or even fifth time!

    1. Oh God, me neither – the photos I post here are normally the only vaguely useable ones out of loads of photos in which I have my eyes closed, or my face screwed up, or my hair over my face or something: gah!

  4. I’ve got a bit (totally) out of the Instagram habit recently but I’ve been clicking through from Twitter so see yours. I love seeing the seemingly unimportant bits of people’s lives – they’re so interesting to me!

  5. I have just begun following you on Instagram I love this idea! My Instagram is a mish mash of randomness but that’s how I like it. Look forward to seeing your photos each day pop up on Instagram :-)) my account is photosaddiction if you’d like to follow me back xxx

  6. I laughed reading your reply to the first comment – I don’t “do” Twitter either and Facebook annoys me too, but Instagram is a totally different addiction. I’ve been following you for a couple of months and I love Rubin’s pictures. I don’t post on Instagram often but when I do it’s usually my dog, cat or iguana (I’m yeoldesocks if you’d like to see my little zoo). A photo a day is a brilliant idea, I don’t think I’d ever keep it up but I know you will 🙂

  7. I look forward to seeing your life in daily pictures! I’m excited for the shoe pictures!

    I’m trying hard to use Instagram more, but I’m just not as into it since Facebook took over. Facebook just seems to ruin everything lately! I’m sadmad that you can’t see the photos directly on twitter anymore and they don’t show up in your twitter photo album since FB got it’s grubby mits all over it! Gah! (sorry for the rant, my love for Facebook is declining rapidly and turning into anger…)

    I also accidentally started a resolution, after already saying ‘Bollocks to improving myself, I’m just going to try and not get in anymore trouble than I’m already in’ when asked what my new years resolution was. I guess I am going to try and do a blog post every day. This is already proving difficult when having a full time job, but I am trying I am trying! 10 days down, 355 to go..

    Corinne x

    1. Ah, I hardly ever use Twitter, so I don’t notice these things! Good luck with your blogging resolution – I blog every day (other than weekends) on my work sites, but don’t think I’d ever be able to do that here, so I’ll be very impressed if you manage it!

  8. As I understood it, the reason it’s trendy to hate Instagram is because they’re trying to / have the IP on your photos.
    I love the effects and my photos are far from saleable, but you might be more concerned! Good luck with it whatever you do, Kate

    1. They actually put out a statement clariftying that they have no plans to do that the day after they updated the terms which caused all the uproar, so I’m not concerned: I don’t think they’d want lots of photos of my dog, anyway! I was really talking about the people who essentially hate it because it’s popular, or because people use it to take photos of mundane things: I’ve been hearing comments like that for a long time now!

      1. Yeah it’s never cool to like something other people like is it?

        Just checking you were aware – I hadn’t followed the story and I guess everyone was less excited by “actually it’s all ok” that “omg corporate bastards and going to steal our ‘art'”

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