Blowing the cobwebs away

polka dot coat and umbrella

windy day

red hair in the wind

Coat: Debenhams (Christmas gift from my parents) // jeans: 7 for All Mankind slim cigarette jeans  c/o Shopbop // shoes: Kurt Geiger Corso Como

OK, I’m just going to say it: I’m glad the “festive” season is finally over. I mean, don’t get me wrong : I love Christmas day itself, and I also enjoy the various events that surround it… once I’m actually at them. But as much as I would love to squee with the rest of you over tinsel and mince pies and all that jazz, I just can’t: partly because I hate the word “squee” (and I also hate mince pies, come to think of it…), but also because I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m just not a “Christmassy” person. Or a “festive” one, for that matter. The whole thing just exhausts me. I’m one of those introverted personality types who needs to spend a lot of time alone to recharge, you see, and the Christmas season doesn’t allow for much of that: there’s always somewhere you have to be, and something you have to do, and although all most of those things are fun in themselves, by the end of it I always feel like I need a nice long holiday. You know, to recover from that nice, long holiday I just had? First world problems: I got ‘em.

The upshot of all of this is that by the end of Boxing Day, I’m pretty much over Christmas, and looking forward to getting back to normality. I want to tear all the tinsel down (I don’t have any tinsel), pack up the tree (I don’t have a tree), dust all the glitter off my clothes (I… do have quite a lot of glitter on my clothes, actually) … I even look forward to wearing casual clothes like jeans and sweaters, and to not having to get dressed up all the time or wonder if I’ll still be able to struggle into the only remaining dress that feels appropriately “festive” enough for whatever the next party is. I’m not really one to subscribe to the whole “OMG, I’m totally starting a CLEANSE!” stuff that abounds at this time of year, but I’m not immune to the lure of the fresh slate either, and I have a lot of blog-related plans* for this year which mean I’m also looking forward to getting back to work (Or “even MORE back to work” as the case may be, because I did actually end up doing quite a bit over the break…), as strange as that probably sounds.

(Actually, that whole, “I want to wear jeans and get back to work,” thing DOES sound strange, doesn’t it? Maybe I should just go and lie down instead? And eat some Haribo mix, maybe?)

(*Plans for my OTHER blogs, I mean. On this one I’ll probably just continue to wear a lot of polka dots and complain about the weather. Sorry about that.)

Basically, January is a time when I crave the simple things in life. It’s one of the coldest, windiest and most miserable months of the year, but I like it better than November or December, say, because it marks the turning of the year: longer days, the promise of spring, and a few stiff breezes to blow the cobwebs away.

Bring it on.

polka dot coat and jeans