Investment Shopping

Green J Crew coat

studded clutch bag

Christian Louboutin Mad Mary shoes

green watch

J Crew coat // Zara dress // House of Harlow sunglasses // Dune studded clutch bag (bought with gift card) // Christian Louboutin ‘Mad Mary’ heels // Gucci watch (21st birthday gift, still going strong!)

 If I was the type of person to make New Year’s resolutions, this year one of them would’ve been to buy more “investment” pieces, as opposed to wandering into Primark to buy tights and walking out with half the store*. I’d have done quite well with that resolution too: partly because it’s still only January 11th (and I mean, SERIOUSLY? Does anyone else feel like it should be, say, pay day by now?) and it’s hard even for me to break resolutions by then, but also because my one and only purchase from this year’s sales was this J Crew coat. Well, I’ve been looking for a coat this colour for… oh, FOREVER, basically… so when they released a “30% off sale items” code on Boxing Day, I didn’t even hesitate.

(Well, OK, I actually DID hesitate. I hesitated for so long, in fact, that my family all started yelling at me to “REMEMBER THE ZARA SHOES”* – long story – and now none of them want to hear the words “J Crew coat” ever again. Which is a shame, because I have my eye on at least six more of them. And I WILL talk about them.)

(*I ordered a pair of shoes in last year’s Zara sale, which started on Boxing Day. They were shoes I’d been planning to buy for months, and they reduced them by so much I knew they’d sell out if I didn’t act fast, so I did. But I didn’t get a shipping confirmation, and when I logged back into my account, there was no record of the order. So I went back to the website to order them again, and of course, they were sold out. OF COURSE THEY WERE. Well, I freaked the hell out. So much so that the phrase “Zara shoes” is still code in our house for “Amber is a little brat.” Then I paced around the house  complaining and refreshing the site at regular intervals, and after about five hours of this, lo! The shoes came back in stock. So I ordered them. And this time I DID get an order confirmation. I also got TWO PAIRS OF THE SAME FREAKING SHOES, because yes, the first order HAD been registered, even although there was no record of it. And that’s why I’m not allowed online on Boxing Day any more without adult supervision.)

Luckily there was no repeat of the “Zara shoes” situation this time: the coat arrived, I loved it, and will cherish and wear it for the rest of my life. Or until J Crew has another sale, anyway…

studded shoes and bag

*I will still do that occasionally, though. This is why I didn’t ACTUALLY make any resolutions: they’re just made to be broken…