green 50s style dress

green dress black boots

Redhead in green dress

redhead in green 50s style dress

Forever Amber: UK fashion blogger

Dress: Dorothy Perkins (old) // Boots: Topshop Barley2 (old) // faux-fur scarf: eBay // petticoat: eBay // sunglasses: House of Harlow ‘Chelsea’ // gloves: gifted

Oh look, I’m wearing a green dress, what a surprise! Also: we got some OMGSNOW. In the WINTER, people. It’s like the whole world has gone mad, isn’t it?

OK, sarcasm aside, I actually wasn’t going to bother photographing this outfit, mostly because the green and black colour scheme is exactly what I wore in my last post, and as you all know, these things are of the utmost importance in the world of fashion blogging. Seriously.

But hey: I wear green dresses. It’s what I do. And in winter, I mostly wear them like this: with a big, poufy petticoat underneath (I finally got that black one I’d been putting off for months now…), a touch of leather from the boots and scarf, and some faux fur around my neck. Oh yeah, and A COAT, of course. This coat, in fact. Which I had to take off for the photos, otherwise this post really WOULD have been almost identical to the one before it.

(While I’m busy making disclaimers, I should probably also say that we took these photos on the only patch of snow we could find that hadn’t melted yet. Most of the roads and footpaths were all totally clear, so my high-heeled boots aren’t quite as crazy a choice as you’re probably thinking…)

This dress is the twin sister of this one, and I wear them both fairly often, but even more so since my discovery of petticoats, which just make this kind of dress so much more dramatic than would otherwise be the case. I’m all about the drama when it comes to dressing. The only downside of these dresses is the elbow length sleeves, which I know I’ve whined about the last time I wore one of them, so all I’ll say is that yes, it still annoys me. I solved the issue this time with elbow-length gloves (I LOVE elbow-length gloves. They almost make the stupid elbow-length sleeves worth it…), but I did have to add a cardigan once I was back indoors because, well, I’d have looked pretty silly sitting around the house in gloves.

So there you have it: another day, another dress. I will endeavour to wear something other than green and black next time I post. I’m not promising anything, though…

green dress

    1. It’s amazing how much difference it makes… Without it, I always think these dresses are nice, but a little bit boring: the petticoats make it feel like a totally different dress!

  1. Beautiful! One of my favorite colors, too, and the petticoat just makes it that much better. Glad you finally got a black one because the color combination is perfect!

    1. Now that I have the black and white versions I think I might branch out and get some bright colours, too, to expand my collection! Then again, they take up so much wardrobe space, maybe that’s not such a great idea 🙂

  2. What do you hate so much about elbow length sleeves?

    Thanks for posting this, even though it was the same colours as your last post! I love the dress with the petticoat, I think I prefer this colour to the mustard one. Even though I usually love mustard yellow. I guess I just love green more.

    I am most upset that everybody hyped up the snow. Everybody was panic buying at work yesterday, it was mental. Then I wake up to hardly any. I had my red sledge ready and everything =(

    Corinne x

  3. I love this outfit, don’t apologise for wearing green again when it looks so good on you. I love the petticoat underneath this and how it changes the look of the dress completely. I really want to try a full petticoat under some of my dresses, I am not sure I am brave enough for the attention it would most likely cause in my town (not all positive attention either I may add. The cool, quirky kids would get it and tell me how much they love it, the chavvy scary kids would probably punch me in the face. I am not sure I am ready for that yet)

    I saw a lovely long sleeved dress in Topshop today that got me thinking of you. I think I have been reading your blog too much (if you can do that?!?). This is the dress, would look beautiful with your petticoat (that is if heart print is you thing?)

    Anyways, hope you are having a fabulous Monday and avoiding the OMGSNOW by being wrapped up at home with Rubin.

    Janine xx

    1. The petticoat hits just under the knee, so that kind of length wouldn’t really work, unfortunately – it really needs something a bit longer, hence my great love of midi dresses 🙂

      1. Aw that would look funny haha. I didn’t think about the length I just got so excited at the sleeves :-p lol.

        When I am a fabulous dress maker (I am getting a sewing machine soon so this obviously means I will morph into Madeleine Vionnet overnight) I shall make you lots of dresses with sleeves in a midi length covered in green polka dots, all I ask for in return is a pair of your shoes per dress, deal? 😉

        Although I wouldn’t get your hopes up as I managed to sew my dress to my bra over Christmas when I decided to adjust the neckline whilst still wearing it (because the 20 seconds it would have taken off to do it was obviously too much for my busy party schedule!). My logic never ceases to amaze me!

        1. Haha, I actually once did that deliberately… I have a weirdly shaped torso, so anything even vaguely “low” (by which I mean, “not even remotely low on normal people”) will look obscene on me and show my bra: one night I was going to a party and I was running late when I noticed my bra was on show again, so I quickly put in a few stitches to secure it my dress and went on my merry way. Well, I was successful in preventing my neckline from gaping all night, but of course, after a couple of glasses of wine I totally forgot what I’d done, came home and found myself completely trapped in my own clothes when I tried to take it off. I’d love to be able to say I learned my lesson, but… nah 🙂

  4. Love, love the dress, I’m so envious, especially because I love 3-quarter length sleeves.
    I’m some kind of weird freak of nature where my underarms, hands and feet are warm all throughout the day (feet go very cold at night) while my thighs and overarms are always cold.
    The difference is so huge for me that I fold up every long-sleeve I own, while I’m cold in any sort if t-shirt/top without overarm protection, even in the middle of summer. O.o

  5. Nobody I know can wear green as well as you. Looks like the coat and the dress are the same shade, so they must have looked so elegant together (I’m in an “elegant” mood tonight after a visit to 2ndhand shop). And the pettycoat is a great idea.
    And we’ve had a +20C day. Give me half of your snow!

  6. I am really inspired by you wearing midi dresses and knee-high boots – it looks so elegant and classy, yet it must be keeping you warm! Great look on you. I hate elbow-length sleeves too, I actually wear elbow-length fingerless gloves to work when wearing them in winter.

  7. Amber I can’t begin to tell you how much I love this… you look just about the most stylish person I’ve ever seen in the snow. Love, love, love… you look so beautiful!!!! That’s it 😉

    I’ve been meaning to buy a similar petticoat to go under skirts… you’ve reminded me how amazing they look. Must invest!!

    Catherine x

  8. Amazing dress, marvellously accessorized – I love the long boots and long gloves, with the furry scarf and sheer edge of petticoat, altogether wonderful effect. Glad you photographed it, this outfit is outstanding.

    I can imagine how running around all coatless and everything in a consistent colour combo might stop traffic in the snowy streets, but never on the ‘net, it’s smashing! And people have too much time on their hands.

    1. Haha, I know: I always thought it must be pretty obvious that I’m just posing without the coat/against a particular backdrop for a few seconds for photos, then put it back on and went on my way to somewhere more appropriate for the outfit, but if I leave off the disclaimers I can guarantee I’ll get loads of comments about how I “must have been FREEZING without a coat all day!” and how amazing it is that I wear stilettos in the snow!

  9. Yay! You got a black petticoat! I keep meaning to buy a black one and a hot pink one, but as you commented upthread they take up so much space in the wardrobe! Also I find wearing it to be addictive – as, like you, I love dramatic dressing.

    1. Totally – I now think all of my circle dresses look a bit sad and droopy without one, which is something that never even occurred to me before, and a bit annoying because I want to wear them all the time, but I think they’re a wee bit dressy for popping to the post office or whatever! And yes, they really take up a lot of space: I think I need a special petticoat closet…

  10. This is a traffic stopping, drop dead gorgeous look Amber! I see no errant tire tracks in the snow, so I assume there were no fender benders while your photos were snapped. {Whew} I have been slowly, but surely building a romance with petticoats. I purchased a pattern a few weeks ago, and now am trying to narrow down my colour choice of tulle. White would be most versatile, but I really do want chocolate. Seeing your black petticoat is encouraging.

    Sue xo

  11. Amber, what a gorgeous outfit. I’ve only just found you and had a look back over your previous posts. I love your style. This green dress teamed with black works wonders against the amazing amber of your hair. Superb photography, look fowards to following your style!

    Zoe xxx

  12. Green dresses look amazing on you! Before I find your blog, I would have never tried red and green together, but it green look sooo good with your fabulous red hair. And the petticoat does make the outfit more special! And please, don’t stop posting outfits with more green dresses. We love them! And green is one of my favorite colors as well.

  13. Amber, on your blog there is adverts for Milanoo shoes. Have you ever purchased from there? Because the shoes look really nice and pretty I am just worried that they are cheap because being shipped from China and got massive discounts at the moment. would you recommend? xxx

  14. Phoebe Ellis Hi Phoebe, I’m not sure which site you mean, because I don’t have advertising on Forever Amber, but if you’re talking about one of the others, the adverts are served by agencies, so I don’t have any control over what appears,and different people see different ads depending on where they’re based etc. Milanoo isn’t a brand I’ve heard of, I’m afraid, so unfortunately I don’t have any experience of them – sorry I can’t be more help!

  15. Haha, snap! I have the yellow version of your dress (The green is SO LOVELY though! I think I might even like it bettert than my mustardy one.) and I too have lately taken to wearing it with a massivo petticoat underneath. Funnily enough, the last time I posted on my much-neglected blog was a post about the different ways I wear that dress. Far less elegant than your styling!!

  16. the shoes are so beautiful, I am just weary because they’re coming from Korea and they are so cheap. Don’t want to be in a situation that I order some and they look so plastic and I have to send them back to Korea! Thank you for your help anyway! 🙂

  17. @Phoebe They’re almost all copies of high-end designer shoes… They’re not claiming they ARE the designer shoes they’re copying, so they’re not counterfeit, but I tend not to trust brands who copy designs exactly because they’re on quite shaky legal ground to begin with. (Not saying they’re breaking the law, because it’s really complicated, just that it makes me less likely to trust them!) As I said, I have no personal experience of this company, so they might turn out to be fantastic but I would also be quite wary… Maybe try looking for any reviews of them or something?

  18. Gorgeous outfit. I especially love the gloves minus the coat. Treated myself to a similar pair that make me want to don a 1940s outfit. Those boots are to die for. Lovely, all of it.

  19. First and foremost, after lurking your archives I have fallen in love with your blog! As a pale redhead with a love of petticoats, heels and reading, you remind me of a much more put together and lovely version of myself. You always manage to look so feminine and delicate- plus that shade of green is gorgeous on you!

    Okay, enough verging-on-creepy gushing on my part, I have a question to ask you about the fit of your clothing. You’re quite slim/petite and yet your clothing always seems to fit perfectly right off the rack. I’m guessing we’re around the same size (although I must be hippier than you at 83-57-90) but I own a lot of the same items as you or similar ones from the same brands and even their smallest size doesn’t fit me very well. Do you tailor all of your own clothing or do you have it done professionally? Also, can you suggest any brands/stores that offer clothing for smaller girls (although please not petite sizes, I’m a honking 174 cm)?

    Thanks for your time!

    1. Hi Zoe, thanks for your lovely words about my blog, I’m so glad you like it!

      In answer to your question, I actually very rarely but things that fit right of the rack – an awful lot of my clothes have to be altered in some way to get it to fit properly. I can’t sew to save my life, but I’m very lucky in that my mum is an excellent seamstress, so she does the alterations for me (or with some things I will just belt it to bring it in at the waist). I don’t know of any stores that offer clothes specifically for smaller women, unfortunately (although I do sometimes shop from the teen section if there is one): I just kind of accept that a lot of things will have to be altered before I can wear them!

  20. I just discovered your blogs — your style is fabulous! I particularly adore the combination of the high boots with the petticoat+midi dress. I have a pair of thigh high boots that I just love, but have previously had difficulty styling in a non street-walker way. (My Mom had quite the giggle at my expense when she helped me move and discovered them.)

    Thanks for the inspiration! (Now, I just wish I could find that dress! Or something equally awesome.)

    An American Girl

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