Yes, I was wearing a coat.

green 50s style dress

green dress black boots

Redhead in green dress

redhead in green 50s style dress

Forever Amber: UK fashion blogger

Dress: Dorothy Perkins (old) // Boots: Topshop Barley2 (old) // faux-fur scarf: eBay // petticoat: eBay // sunglasses: House of Harlow ‘Chelsea’ // gloves: gifted

Oh look, I’m wearing a green dress, what a surprise! Also: we got some OMGSNOW. In the WINTER, people. It’s like the whole world has gone mad, isn’t it?

OK, sarcasm aside, I actually wasn’t going to bother photographing this outfit, mostly because the green and black colour scheme is exactly what I wore in my last post, and as you all know, these things are of the utmost importance in the world of fashion blogging. Seriously.

But hey: I wear green dresses. It’s what I do. And in winter, I mostly wear them like this: with a big, poufy petticoat underneath (I finally got that black one I’d been putting off for months now…), a touch of leather from the boots and scarf, and some faux fur around my neck. Oh yeah, and A COAT, of course. This coat, in fact. Which I had to take off for the photos, otherwise this post really WOULD have been almost identical to the one before it.

(While I’m busy making disclaimers, I should probably also say that we took these photos on the only patch of snow we could find that hadn’t melted yet. Most of the roads and footpaths were all totally clear, so my high-heeled boots aren’t quite as crazy a choice as you’re probably thinking…)

This dress is the twin sister of this one, and I wear them both fairly often, but even more so since my discovery of petticoats, which just make this kind of dress so much more dramatic than would otherwise be the case. I’m all about the drama when it comes to dressing. The only downside of these dresses is the elbow length sleeves, which I know I’ve whined about the last time I wore one of them, so all I’ll say is that yes, it still annoys me. I solved the issue this time with elbow-length gloves (I LOVE elbow-length gloves. They almost make the stupid elbow-length sleeves worth it…), but I did have to add a cardigan once I was back indoors because, well, I’d have looked pretty silly sitting around the house in gloves.

So there you have it: another day, another dress. I will endeavour to wear something other than green and black next time I post. I’m not promising anything, though…

green dress