And the nights were long and cold and scary, can we live through February?

winter outfit

red hair in faux bob

winter outfit

green pencil skirt

 Jacket: New Look // Pencil skirt: Topshop  // Turtleneck: Primark  // Boots: Sam Edelman // Sunglasses: Gucci  -all from 2011-ish

February is my least favourite months of the year. It’s…

..actually, I’m going to stop right there, because I’m starting to feel a bit like the anti-fashion-blogger or something. There you all are, with your “Whee! Cupcakes and snowflakes, and autumn-is-my-favourite-season, boots and coats and layering, oh my!”… and meanwhile, there I am, sulking in the corner like a sullen teenager, going, “Nope, HATE IT. Hate that, too! Urgh, get the layering away from me! Did I mention that I HATE IT?” This is why I never go to fashion blogger meet-ups, obviously. Well, that and the fact I don’t get invited to them, I wonder why? I think I’ll go put on The Smiths and read some Sylvia Plath. Oh no, wait, I was writing a blog post, wasn’t I? Let’s see, what was I talking about? Oh, yeah…

February. It can just go HANG itself, as far as I’m concerned. I hate it, not just because it is a cold and vicious little month, but because, in our family, it’s traditionally the month when Bad Things happen. Now, I’m not even remotely superstitious, but after several years’ worth of Bad Things happening every February without fail, even I started to get a bit paranoid about it, and to think about pinning garlic above the door or something on the 31st of January every year.

(The Bad Things are not normally vampires. Nothing would surprise me in February, though.)

Mercifully, we’ve managed to get through a few Februarys lately without any Bad Things. This doesn’t really reassure me, though, because  it probably just means the universe is saving them all up, don’t you think? And one year – maybe THIS VERY YEAR, people! – it will unleash them all at once. And it will do it in February.

With that doom-laden tone set, then, here I am, wearing what has basically become my winter uniform: pencil skirt, turtleneck, over-the-knee boots. Sure would like to be wearing something different now, but nope, not going to happen, folks, because the weather won’t let me. So I’ll keep on with the boots and the pencil skirts, and also the tutlenecks which I love because of all the traffic I get from that forum for people with a fetish for turtleneck sweaters as well as being warm and comfortable, they also allow me to work one of my lesser-seen lazy hairdos: the FOB. (Faux bob, for the uninitiated. You just don’t bother pulling your hair out of the neck of your sweater once you’ve pulled it on, and… that’s pretty much it, actually.) I love me a FOB every now and again. My own hair wouldn’t look anything like this if I cut it short because it’s too limp and fine to sit nicely (I actually had it this short once, when I was a kid. It looked like ass.), but it’s fun to fake it sometimes.

(I should probably add that I pull the hair out once I remove my jacket, so it’s only like this briefly: I don’t walk around all day with my hair inside my sweater…)

And now I will try to fake confidence in the fact that this February will be filled only with Good Things. I mean, it’s already been filled with more pairs of shoes than any month has a right to: it can’t be THAT bad, can it?

redhead in green

P.S. I DO actually like some things, by the way. I just mostly like them in spring/summer. Check back then, and I promise I’ll be listening to the Beach Boys or something, rather than The Smiths.

(P.P.S. No I won’t.)

[Title lyric: Dar Williams, February]