winter outfit

red hair in faux bob

winter outfit

green pencil skirt

 Jacket: New Look // Pencil skirt: Topshop  // Turtleneck: Primark  // Boots: Sam Edelman // Sunglasses: Gucci  -all from 2011-ish

February is my least favourite months of the year. It’s…

..actually, I’m going to stop right there, because I’m starting to feel a bit like the anti-fashion-blogger or something. There you all are, with your “Whee! Cupcakes and snowflakes, and autumn-is-my-favourite-season, boots and coats and layering, oh my!”… and meanwhile, there I am, sulking in the corner like a sullen teenager, going, “Nope, HATE IT. Hate that, too! Urgh, get the layering away from me! Did I mention that I HATE IT?” This is why I never go to fashion blogger meet-ups, obviously. Well, that and the fact I don’t get invited to them, I wonder why? I think I’ll go put on The Smiths and read some Sylvia Plath. Oh no, wait, I was writing a blog post, wasn’t I? Let’s see, what was I talking about? Oh, yeah…

February. It can just go HANG itself, as far as I’m concerned. I hate it, not just because it is a cold and vicious little month, but because, in our family, it’s traditionally the month when Bad Things happen. Now, I’m not even remotely superstitious, but after several years’ worth of Bad Things happening every February without fail, even I started to get a bit paranoid about it, and to think about pinning garlic above the door or something on the 31st of January every year.

(The Bad Things are not normally vampires. Nothing would surprise me in February, though.)

Mercifully, we’ve managed to get through a few Februarys lately without any Bad Things. This doesn’t really reassure me, though, because  it probably just means the universe is saving them all up, don’t you think? And one year – maybe THIS VERY YEAR, people! – it will unleash them all at once. And it will do it in February.

With that doom-laden tone set, then, here I am, wearing what has basically become my winter uniform: pencil skirt, turtleneck, over-the-knee boots. Sure would like to be wearing something different now, but nope, not going to happen, folks, because the weather won’t let me. So I’ll keep on with the boots and the pencil skirts, and also the tutlenecks which I love because of all the traffic I get from that forum for people with a fetish for turtleneck sweaters as well as being warm and comfortable, they also allow me to work one of my lesser-seen lazy hairdos: the FOB. (Faux bob, for the uninitiated. You just don’t bother pulling your hair out of the neck of your sweater once you’ve pulled it on, and… that’s pretty much it, actually.) I love me a FOB every now and again. My own hair wouldn’t look anything like this if I cut it short because it’s too limp and fine to sit nicely (I actually had it this short once, when I was a kid. It looked like ass.), but it’s fun to fake it sometimes.

(I should probably add that I pull the hair out once I remove my jacket, so it’s only like this briefly: I don’t walk around all day with my hair inside my sweater…)

And now I will try to fake confidence in the fact that this February will be filled only with Good Things. I mean, it’s already been filled with more pairs of shoes than any month has a right to: it can’t be THAT bad, can it?

redhead in green

P.S. I DO actually like some things, by the way. I just mostly like them in spring/summer. Check back then, and I promise I’ll be listening to the Beach Boys or something, rather than The Smiths.

(P.P.S. No I won’t.)

[Title lyric: Dar Williams, February]
  1. February IS a cruel little mean month, I know what you mean. And despite it being shorter, it always feels endless. I feel the same way about it.

    The ‘fob’ looks great – but doesn’t the hair in your collar tickle your neck?

      1. Ah cool! One of the reasons why I wear my hair short (other than the fact that my hair is too fine and recalcitrant to grow it) is I have this thing about feeling it tickling my neck! I’m glad it isn’t uncomfortable on you though, because it does look great 🙂

  2. Love your jacket!

    When I wear my coat (I think it becomes what is classed as a “funnel neck” when done up) I keep my hair tucked in. Keeps your neck warm and stops it being blown around your head like a fuzzy halo!!

    And now you mention it….Feb IS usually the month when things go wrong, last year for us it was a big car bill and the cat got a blade of grass stuck in her throat…then nose, (why yes Mr Vet you CAN have hundreds for the priviledge of chasing this blade of grass around my cats innards! ) So by realising this I hope I haven’t jinxed myself. Yikes!

  3. February is completely unnecessary. Every year I forget how much pain February inflicts – I go through December and January thinking, “Oh, the cold weather’s not so bad…” and then February comes with its gale force horizontal hail storms and takes me by surprise. Every year. And I wonder what I did (other than not moving somewhere hot) to deserve it.

  4. Lovely outfit! I’ve been meaning to ask…how do you keep your heels so perfect? Do you have an exceptionally light and even step so you don’t wear them out or is Terry secretly a cobbler? 😛 I ask because no matter how little I wear my heels, they always seem to get ruined really quickly…is there a secret to keep them pretty? 😉

    1. I don’t think there’s any secret that I’m aware of, but I also don’t think they’re particularly perfect, either – the photos are all taken at a distance, so you can’t really see them in much detail! Terry is fairly good at repairing them, mind you!

  5. Your hair does look lovely like that, but it’s gorgeous long, so I wouldn’t be too disappointed in having to have it long. You do a very good job at looking chic throughout the months you hate, while the rest of us look like we’ve fallen into a jumble sale. X

    1. Oh, thank you – I really don’t feel particularly stylish right now, so that’s lovely to hear! I actually prefer the hair long myself: just nice to have a bit of a change every now and then!

  6. Saying that bad things come to you in the month of February is like me telling people that I’m bad with names. Saying it over and over turns it into a self-fulfilling prophecy. I say that mantra to myself, and I actually stop trying to remember names. You say that mantra to yourself, and you actually start looking for things to ruin your month with. Just saying.

  7. I totally thought you got a bob for a second there, then I thought no chance of you letting a hairdresser near your hair for something so drastic.loving the pics and outfit as usual, did you know emerald is the colour of the year this year? Of course u did 😉

  8. I like all the holiday glitz, I like layering. I’m even ok with February. But I flipping hate March. It’s that secret extra month of winter. And really, I miss my dresses already.

  9. Please spare a thought for those of us who have birthdays in February. If it were disposed of, then what would happen to us? I do like the faux hairdo here, I used to do that myself when my hair was very long and it kept me cosy as well as giving me a new look!

    1. Exactly. I’m going to have my birthday party tomorrow, and I’ve been planning and looking forward to it since before christmas.

      I agree though that it’s far from lovely outside. It’s grey, and wet, and cold. But hey, the days are finally getting longer, and it’ll be March soon… 🙂

  10. Oh no, February sounds like a really crappy month for you, as someone else already said at least it is the shortest month (although if you are me and accidentally using an old calendar you think it has 29 days this year, I felt an idiot when I was planning things for 29th February at work and someone gently corrected me, only a year behind!)

    I hope this February is not a month of bad things and it skips for another year, the safest option might be to hole up at home and just try to hide for it. Just make sure you have plenty of Haribo and whack the heating on, Rubin will have to walk himself! I am sure he will understand.

    Anyway, to the outfit…. I love this. I think I need some over the knee boots to wear under my midi dresses, it is a really nice look and as you say takes away the need to wear tights (although I do actually like the feel of tights) That coat is fab too, very nicely cut. The fob really suits you although I know what you mean about it not actually sitting like that if you had it cut that length. it’s a shame we can’t make our hair do exactly what we want when we want. My hair is so fine and limp it just hangs there all day, I try tell it to get some bounce but it wont listen! I will torture it with the curling tongs for disobeying me!

    Have a lovely Friday and the weekend is nearly here! I wish I could say some sunshine is on the way but have you seen the weather report? Even I am getting sick of this ice and snow now. Either snow completely and shut everything down (Work, roads etc) so I can hide at home or stop it and make the sun come out. Sick of this in between-ness, see February even makes annoyingly chirpy me grumpy! haha.

    Janine xx

    1. Honestly, I think I’ve tried every product under the sun to get my hair to bounce, but nope: it remains stubbornly flat and limp! The only thing that works is heated rollers, which are a bit inconvenient – I sometimes wish here were places around here doing those digital perms Kate Middleton supposedly has, although I suspect I’d probably just end up with a head-full of frizz, rather than bouncy curls!

      And I know what you mean about the weather – as much as I dislike the snow, I’m at the point now where I wish it would just make its mind up and be done with it!

  11. Lovely photos! You hair looks ah-mazing! And super stylish jacket, too! If you want February to be over quickly, I’d try to meet friends and family as much as possible (drinking in company is much more fun, isn’t it :)) or go to events like theatre or cinema often or throw a party just because and before you know it, February will be over 🙂

  12. Yes! This! I can’t stand to hear all about fall at the end of August, when I am still on the beach enjoying the sun and the sea and dinners on the terrace and peaches and watermelon.
    I am trying to do the most of my winter, though, taking advantage of every sunny day to spend time outside.
    very chic outfit. An don’t think about the bad things!

  13. I just realised you included my blog on your blogroll page, thank you 🙂 I am such a geek I got all excited about it! I have been following your blog for ages (long before I started mine) and my blog appearing on your links is something I feel proud of (as I trust your taste and judgement) Thanks 😀 xx

  14. Bake, Glue and Trend You’re more than welcome – I don’t always get time to comment as much as I’d like, but your blog never fails to bring a smile to my face (and ga new item of clothing to my wish list ;)!

  15. I know what you mean.. another February hater here. Especially this year, because it lets us believe the Spring has started.. and then it snows again. I hope your February will be nicer than usual, without any bad things! No matter how vicious this Monday of All Months is, you look gorgeous as usual! I really love the FOB.

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