Cut-Price Pin-Up

polka dot wiggle dress

polka dot midi dress

pin-up wiggle dress

polka dot dress

Dress: Missguided c/o // Belt: New Look // Shoes: Office (c/o) // Sunglasses: House of Harlow ‘Chelsea’ // Nude fishnet tights: Accessorize // Coat: in the car, waiting to be replaced once these photos were taken (although it was actually very Spring-like this week, so I didn’t really feel cold: miracles do happen!)

What would you do with £20?

Say you found it in a coat pocket, or in a handbag you rarely use. It’s not exactly a life-changing windfall for most of us, but given that it’s money you didn’t know you had, it’s exactly the kind of amount you might choose to splash out on one of those quick pick-me-ups that don’t cost too much, but which make your day that little bit brighter.

So, what would it be? 

Last week, asked me that very question. They recently conducted an experiment whereby they placed hidden cameras in a dry-cleaners, and then told customers they’d discovered a £20 note left in a pocket of their clothes (you can see the reactions here). Now they’re looking to find out what kind of “feel good” items people might spend that money on, if it magically landed in their wallet.

Of course, there are lots of things you could do with £20. You could buy 20 lottery tickets, or a nice bottle of wine. You could go to the movies, or catch a train to see a loved-one. You could give it away to the first person you see on the street, and that would  make you a better person than me, seriously.

Me, though?

I’d spend it on a polka dot dress. With sleeves. And a midi-length hem. Well, you didn’t seriously expect anything different from me, did you?

These long-sleeved midi dresses are absolutely everywhere right now (Topshop and ASOS both have tons of them, too), and I love them: they’re a really easy, inexpensive way to get that pin-up style wiggle-dress look, without having to spend a fortune on it, and although I’ve dressed this one up with heels and a matchy-matchy belt, you can also wear them in a much more casual way, with boots and a cardigan, say. This one was just £15, and with the extra £5, I managed to slip two more “feel good” items into my online shopping basket, in the form of two nail polishes, one of which I’m wearing in these photos. £20 goes a long way in the world of cut-price fashion, and while those investment pieces I spoke about last month definitely have their place, sometimes a quick, fun, pick-me-up is exactly what you need…

In other news, this weekend was actually warm enough for me to briefly swap my opaque tights for fishnets. They’re forecasting snow for Tuesday, but while the sun was out, I figured I may as well make the most of it!

polka dot dress

[Disclaimer: This dress was purchased using £20 provided by as part of their What's In Your Pocket? campaign. All opinions are my own.]