Leather and lace

lace skirt and leather boots

Michael Kors watch

winter outfit

[Lace skirt: River Island // sweater: Ralph Lauren (gift) // faux fur scarf: ASOS // Boots: Sam Edelman* // Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs*]

Just a very quick post today, folks: I’m actually writing this on Sunday, and Terry and I are getting ready to go out for our Early Valentine’s celebration (We like to avoid The Others by avoiding the day itself…), so I don’t have time for my usual 38,834 words, but I thought you might like to know that I DID manage to lighten up a bit after my last post – or my clothes did, at least.

This outfit is basically a variation on this one and this one, from which you can probably tell that light colours – specifically creamy ones – have been my THING this winter. I set out to avoid retreating into gloomy, dark colours this year, and while I have worn my share of black this winter (and, ironically enough, will probably end up wearing MORE of it in the summer, because of all of the awesome black and white clothes that are appearing in the stores right now…), I’ve really been enjoying the head-toe-toe cream/beige/taupe/whatever look. It makes me feel a bit like the “good guy” in a Spaghetti western or something. That’s always fun.

And now I guess I better go get off this country road, before the farmer comes and mows me down with his combine harvester or something. Don’t copy fashion bloggers, kids! Stay safe!

winter outfit


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