And February was so long that it lasted into March…

black dress

Black dress and nude shoes

Christian Louboutin shoes

Petals gathered side dress c/o Fuse Fashion  | Cardigan: Primark | Scarf: River Island | Sunglasses: Gucci | Clutch: Dune | Shoes: Christian Louboutin

I took a bit of an unplanned break from the ol’ blog last week: a combination of a bad migraine with lingered on for days, and feeling generally under the weather for the past few weeks, and I ended up just totally burnt out, basically. I’m extremely lucky in that my worst migraines are significantly better than many people’s best migraines (I WIN AT MIGRAINES!) (There are no winners when it comes to migraines.), so I was still able to keep the other blogs running (just), but that was really ALL I managed to do, and my personal “style” took a trip to Jeans n’ Sweaters Town (maybe you know it?) so there wasn’t a whole lot to post about here. Also, my inbox kind of exploded during this time, so if you’ve emailed me and haven’t heard back, I’m not ignoring you (Unless you’re that guy with the fetish for wet people: I’m totes ignoring you, sonny jim…), and I will (probably) email you back soon. Especially if you’re the lawyer dude who emailed me about the £16 million I’ve apparently inherited from an elderly relative in the United Arab Emirates. My bank details will be on their way to you ASAP, kind sir. SO EXCITED! Am on my way to Harvey Nichols as I write this!

So that’s been my week, and also my month, and kind of the whole YEAR so far, really.  (Cue Friends theme tune…) I think it’s going to be a dragon, people. I really do. And not the cuddly kind, either. But! But!

February is now over! And March is here! March is the month that heralds the start of Spring: it officially starts at midnight on March 20th, for those of you counting down, but apparently a vicious row has broken out between the MET Office, who say Spring starts on March 1st now, and certain “Others”, who want to maintain the old order and stick to the 20th/21st. (One of these Others is called Sir Nicholas Winterton. Well, he WOULD say that, wouldn’t he? Obviously ol’  Man Winterton would want winter to continue…) I, obviously, am on Team MET Office with this one: not just because I’ll take any excuse to hasten the arrival of Spring, but also because we took these photos on March 1st, and DO YOU SEE THAT SUNSHINE PEOPLE? Do you? There was actually a bit too much of it to take decent photos in, to be honest, but the fact is, it was WARM. In fact, it was so warm I didn’t really need that cardigan I’d brought with me, and was able to tolerate the elbow-length sleeves without feeling like my arms were going to drop off with cold. That almost NEVER happens.

I also have a new dress, which is another reason to be cheerful. This was sent to me by Fuse Fashion, and these photos unfortunately don’t do it justice, because it’s one of those “magic” dresses which pull you in and create curves where you didn’t have any. It’s also the dress that almost got us arrested (again): that first photo, you see,  isn’t just another example of my trademark “Looking off to the side because I don’t know what else to do with myself, GOD this is awkward,” pose. No, I was actually watching the POLICE CAR that turned around when it saw us taking these photos, and spent the next five minutes circling the area and very obviously “observing” us. Thankfully the cops drove off without questioning us this time (Unlike, say, the LAST TIME this happened…), but what can I say: we’re obviously suspicious looking characters. Either that or they were just admiring my shoes…

[Title: Dar Williams, February]