Florian London tote bag

winter outfit

Amber and Rubin

[Jacket: New Look (old) // Trousers: H&M, 2012 // Shoes: Dune c/o Sarenza // Bag: City Shopper c/o Florian London // White fur coat: Rubin’s own]

I should probably begin this post with the hopefully so-obvious-it-doesn’t-need-to-be-said-but-I’ll-say-it-anyway disclaimer that these photos are strictly of the “just for fun” variety. I don’t ACTUALLY carry Rubin around in a handbag: he was in this one for approximately two minutes, and he’d been bathed that morning, so no animals or handbags were harmed in the making of this post, I promise. And with that out of the way…


I just… I couldn’t resist. The bag arrived on Friday, you see, from the nice people at Florian London, and, as always, Rubin displayed a huge amount of interest in the parcel and walked around sniffing at it and wagging his tail as if to say, “I can has tote bag, yes?” “Look,” I said to Terry. “This bag is so big, Rubin could probably fit inside it!” Uh-oh. Well, once that statement was out, there was just no going back, was there? Especially not once I’d posted it on Twitter.

Forever Amber on Twitter

And that’s how Rubin came to find himself inside a handbag, briefly. And how I came to find myself wearing totally unsuitable shoes on what surely must have been the coldest day of the year. (OK, the handbag had absolutely nothing to do with my choice of footwear: I’m just SO SICK of having to wear boots and tights all the time, and I’ve been waiting to wear these shoes for weeks, so I thought I could get away with it, given that we were only outside for a few minutes. And also given that it’s technically “Spring” now. Wishful thinking, folks…)

Still, at least I know that next time I carry this bag I’ll be able to comfortably fit my laptop inside it. And a warmer pair of shoes. And probably the kitchen sink, my bed, and just about anything else I could possibly need. It’s a home away from home, people! And not just for Bichons…

Bichon frise in orange tote bag


  1. Rubin in a bag is all kinds of happy!

    You should do a feature every so often, the “will Rubin fit in this bag?” feature. (I’m sure someone will tell me off for being cruel to suggest stuffing dogs in bags but hey-ho, it IS funny!) 😛

  2. That’s a much more humane way to carry him around then in a Tesco carrier bag…! My parents kitten, many years ago, my friends Tesco carrier bag, kitten sniffed out sandwich, got inside, OMGCUTE etc etc, let’s pick Eddy up and carry him around in the bag. To be fair it was only in the living room and he seemed to enjoy it. Anyway Rubin looks like he is having a wonderful time, good to see you two hamming it up together!

  3. Oh I’m so with you there – how bored am I of “appropriate” footwear?!! Answer: very.
    In fact the snow has started up again this morning here and I have ignored it with the temperament of a small child, if I pretend it’s not here it doesn’t count, and I’m wearing some rather high heeled boots.

      1. He’s white and poofy. He’s a poodle in my opinion. And I’m referring to any argument. Any sort of advanced awesomeness trumps any argument. It’s a joke, though.

    1. We do now, unfortunately, although not very much of it – these were taken on Monday when it had melted briefly! We didn’t get nearly as much as England did, thankfully!

  4. Haha! You both seem to be having such fun and he is such a cutie. When we got our dog I thought she might be the type to like outings such as this, but then she ended up way too huge, and way too hyper! I am sure mine would last about as long as Rubin did in a confined space such as a tote bag. 🙂

    1. It’s a kind of thick cotton with an orange trim – there’s also a little matching orange pouch to hold stuff like keys, wallet etc so they don’t float around inside the bag!

  5. Photo #3…Rubin has that doggy out the car window look. Stiff breeze, or were you swinging that gorgeous handbag? Either way, he looks good, and knowing it.

    Have to wax poetic about your cream jacket with 3/4 length sleeves, big buttons, and round pockets. A very favourite look for me!

    Sue xo

    1. It was pretty windy – if my hair had been down, I’d probably have looked the same as Rubin! Glad you like the jacket: my parents gave me it at Christmas a few years ago, and it’s one of my favourite things: I’ll probably cry when it gets too worn-out to wear!

  6. Ha, poor Rubin! Although he does look pretty content inside that bag!

    What size feet do you have? You might as well send me those shoes if it’s too cold up north to wear them. There is nothing sadder than a unused pair of shoes – I’m totally up for helping out in this situation, just sayin’, you know, for the shoes sake.

    Corinne x

  7. 🙁 I used to have that jacket in mustard and I LOVED IT. Obviously I loved it too much because it became my “used-to-be-smart-now-a-little-bobbly-jacket”.

    I miss it even more now 🙁

    1. I had the mustard one too (and also the green, naturally)! It’s not actually the same, though: the mustard and green versions were jersey (or at least mine, were), but this one is wool, so it’s lasted much longer. My other ones went bobbly too: I really wish they would re-release them!

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