What I Wish I Was Wearing

green dress

green dress

[Dress: Dorothy Perkins, 2010 // Shoes: New Look (ancient) // Sunglasses: House of Harlow]

There are currently 58 unpublished posts sitting in the drafts folder of this blog.

Some of them are posts I started but never finished, for one reason or another. Some are ones I started AND finished, but then thought better of actually publishing. A couple contain weird fragments of run-on sentences that make NO SENSE whatsoever, and which I’m just going to assume were written by a ghost in my laptop*. Or possibly by James Joyce. A few, however, contain outfit photos that I took, downloaded from the camera, edited… and then decided I absolutely hated, so didn’t post.

This post – or at least, the photos from it – falls into the latter category. We took these at the very end of last summer, on what was probably the last “bare legs” day of the season. (So around June, then.) When I got home that night, I decided I didn’t like them, so they’ve sat in my drafts folder for months now, until a couple of days ago when I rediscovered them. (Also when I got home that night I discovered a set of mysterious Marks of Death on the back of that dress, which no amount of cleaning/stain removing would vanquish. They are there to this day: I couldn’t quite bring myself to throw it away.) And now, well, I may not love the photos, but here we are, still struggling our way through a seemingly endless winter, and I would give just about anything to be able to go out in bare legs and peep toes and prance around a country road in a lightweight dress.

Unfortunately for me, there’s STILL snow on the ground, and it feels colder than it was in December or January, so there have been limited opportunities to take outfit photos, especially given that Terry and I have spent the last couple of weeks basically tearing the house apart and then putting it back together again, in an effort to get it ready to sell. (All of those little jobs we’ve been putting off for years? All done. I always knew we’d only ever get round to that stuff when we decided to sell. On the upside, though, if it DOESN’T sell at least we got all that work done, and it looks better than it has at any point in its history!)  We had our first ever White Easter (that I can recall, anyway) this weekend, and although I did spend part of Good Friday getting my Spring/Summer clothes out of storage and trying to insert them into my crammed closet, the process was made a little bit more challenging than usual by the fact that I couldn’t actually pack much of the winter stuff away, on account of how I’m STILL FREAKING WEARING IT, GOD. So rather than yet another photo of THOSE Topshop boots in the snow, here’s a flashback to better days: and hopefully a taste of things to come.

Happy Easter, everyone! Hope you’re having a nice long weekend if you celebrate it, and a nicer-than-average Monday if you don’t.


* Speaking of ghosts, remember my mysterious Phantom Opera Singer? Well, the mystery is solved, people! And I’m embarrassed to admit that having been totally, 100% sure that it couldn’t possibly have come from my phone, absolutely NO WAY, never… yeah, it was totally coming from my phone: or rather, an app on my phone, which had somehow been set to some strange “occasional opera singer” setting I didn’t know existed. I was a little bit disappointed, to be completely honest.