Post-Apocalyptic Stripes

monochrome stripes and red shoes

stripe pencil skirt and red shoes

red shoes and striped skirt

[Skirt: Robert Rodriguez *  | Shoes: Zara (2010) | Top: ancient, no idea | Clutch: New Look | Sunglasses: House of Harlow]

So, we’re in the car, just driving along, when suddenly Terry pulls up next to a derelict industrial site.

“Let’s take photos here!” says Terry.

“No,” says I.

“But it’ll be really cool,” says Terry. “It’ll look all post-apocalyptic and awesome: the juxtaposition of fashion and decay! Or something.”

“No,” says I, “It’ll look like I’m tripping around a derelict building site in stilettos: the juxtaposition of style blogging and stupidity. Which actually describes my blog pretty well, now I come to think of it.”

“It’s abandoned,” says Terry. “There won’t be any Others there to stare at us.”

And that’s how I came to find myself tripping around a derelict building site in stilettos. And also how I came to climb a steep, muddy hill in those same stilettos to get to it, because honestly, there’s not much I won’t do to escape The Others. Also, I’ve long been claiming that anything other people can do in flats, I can do in heels, and I’d hate to have to contradict myself at this late stage.

So my belt is crooked in some of these, I got building-site dust on my skirt and I was holding my clutch bag upside down at least part of the time, but at least it’s not another country road, hey? “You look like you’re walking away from the building after setting the explosives,” Terry commented when he looked at the last one. Which is certainly ONE way to look at it, I guess…

Monochrome stripes