The Others have hacked my Twitter account…


(I didn’t have a picture of a bird to represent Twitter, so here are some adorable baby ducks, photographed by my mum, in Florida last year, instead. You’re welcome.)

Hi everyone,

I mentioned this at the bottom of my last post, but just thought I’d better put it at the top of the page for those of you who can’t be bothered ploughing through 500 words on foundation! As I know a few of you have noticed, The Others hacked my Twitter account this morning, and have been speaking Russian on it since then. I have no idea why: probably some mysterious plot connected to Nigel, the International Man of Mystery Next Door, I would imagine.

Anyway, because they’ve changed the email address connected to the account, I can’t get in to reclaim it. I did submit a support ticket to Twitter a few hours ago, but according to the information on the page, it normally takes them “several days” to deal with these things, so it looks like I’m stuck with the infiltrating Others for the foreseeable.

I don’t actually use Twitter very often (all of the tweets from the blog are automated), so I’m not crying into my pillow or anything, but I have had a few messages from people worried that I’m being held hostage or something, so I just wanted to pop in to say that I’m still alive, and if you’re following me on Twitter and get any weird DMs from me or anything like that, please know that’s not me, it’s The Others. Unless it’s a DM about shoes, obviously: that’ll probably be me.

In fairness, whatever is being said on my Twitter account now is probably more interesting than what I normally say on it. Thanks, Others! Want to take over my blogs, too? I could be doing with a bit of a break, to be honest…