welcome to miami

Parisian hotel


art deco in Miami

Miami Beach

South beach

Well, we made it to Miami.

I’m still functioning on UK time, our flight was full of Others, and I’m pretty sure our rental house is haunted. (That makes me sound like one of those very tuned-in people who Feel Things about places. Actually, I’m just one of those people who watch way, WAY too many horror movies, and who is totally regretting watching that last one right before we came out here…) But there is sunshine, there is heat, and there is also this shot of Dexter’s apartment building (Used in season one and in the title sequence of the show, before being replicated in LA), which we may or may not have technically risked arrest in order to capture:


It was worth it, though. Vacations are always worth it.

These are all other stories, though, for other days. For now, I will simply say that we got here safely and we’re  very happy to be “home”. There will be lots of photos to follow: don’t say I didn’t warn you…

  1. Dexter’s house! Didn’t know it was replicated for the next seasons. 🙂 I would have risked it too, to take a photo.
    I hope you have a great time in Miami, relax a lot, and enjoy the sun and the warmth.

  2. So glad you’re having a wonderful break. I could go a spot of sunshine and a bare-foot walk on the beach m’self! xx

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