Forever Amber in Essentials magazine

essentials magazine

This weekend I was really excited to get a tweet from the lovely Catherine at Not Dressed as Lamb, letting me know we’d both been featured in the July issue of Essentials magazine, in a feature about wedding guest style. I WAS going to rush out and buy it, but, well, I’m lazy, and I was still in bed at the time, so I downloaded the digital version instead, and instantly opened up a whole new world of possibility re: magazine reading. I actually hardly ever buy magazines these days (see: lazy), but I think I might download a few to read on the flight to Miami later this month, so if you have any favourites, feel free to tell me about them!

Anyway, I’m pictured wearing the outfit I wore to my friends’ wedding, which I’ve just realised was a year ago this week: how time flies! The long story of how I came to acquire that dress can be found here: now I just need someone else to get married, so I can have an excuse to wear it again. Anyone want to invite me to their wedding? Anyone? Hey, where’d everyone go?