blue 50s style summer dress

bichon frise

blue ASOS 50s style dress


shoes and sunglasses

[Dress: ASOS (last year) | Shoes: Charlotte Russe (ancient) | sunglasses: eBay]

These aren’t the best photos of me ever taken, partly because direct sunglight + feet-concealing-grass does not the best outfit photos make, but also because I’d let my hair air-dry that morning, and to say it ended up flatter than a pancake would be an insult to flat pancakes everywhere. They’d be all, “Hey, what’d WE do to deserve that comparison, bitch?” and they’d be right. Sorry, flat pancakes.

I think they’re amazing photos of Rubin, though, and they also bring back lovely memories of a sunny Saturday afternoon spent at the first barbecue of the summer, so I think I’ll keep them. Even although this one totally looks like it was shot in a portrait studio, in front of one of those cheesy painted backdrops:

Amber & Rubin

“It… kind of reminds me of the Wizard of Oz,” said Terry, when he looked back at it. I’m not sure if it’s the combination of blue dress + small dog, or whether it’s because it looks, you know, totally FAKE, but I see what he means. All I need is a scarecrow and a tin man and I’ll be all set.

So, either you believe me that this is a real photo, and that all I’ve done to it is to crop and re-size it: no Photoshop whatsoever. OR,  this photo is totally fake, which means EVERYTHING about this blog is probably fake, and I’ve been lying to you all along. In that scenario, you can’t believe a word I say from now on, because I’m actually a balding, middle-aged man called Clive, and my secret is OUT. I mean, that’s NOT the case, obviously. If it was, I wouldn’t have given myself flat, and yet strangely frizzy, hair in these photos.

It made you wonder, though, didn’t it?

red hair and blue dress


  1. That blue dress with the green background made for some great photos! Love that second one of Rubin. :-). So much sunshine, you all must be loving it!!!

    1. *looks around shiftily*

      *backs out of the room slowly*

      (Actually, it would be AWESOME if that was the case – like the ending of Planet of the Apes or something!)

  2. Yes! you’re only missing the ruby red slippers – but then you got a dog whose name IS Rubin… I can even feel the yellow brick road somewhere out from the pic! 😀
    Lovely dress, shoes, your cute dog, and sunlight!
    And I love your hair! Don’t you love it when you are finally able to let it air dry without styling at all?

    1. I actually can’t get away with air drying it unfortunately – it always just goes a weird combination and frizzy: trust even my hair to be high maintenance!

  3. Rubin, you are so super adorable in these photos! The whole blonde wig thing is but a distant memory. Amber, I see what you mean about the Oz photo…the half circle shadow at the bottom is so perfect, it seems unreal. But I believe you are you, and you are truer than true.

    Now, I can’t get away fast enough. Must wash Michael Flatley off my eyeballs!

    Sue xo

  4. Hahahhahahhahaa, oh Clive. You are wonderful, I love Rubimman’s guest post, you should get him to do another one.

    You should really stop posting links to other posts in your posts, because I get all distracted and start clicking everywhere and before I know it, it’s 20 mins later, I’m still half way through straightening my hair and I’m looking at pictures of a dog in a blond wig, thinking ‘dang, I’m gonna be late again’.

    Love the pictures! The ‘fake’ one is amazing! Definitely one for above the fire place!

    Corinne x

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