Scotland in Summer

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rape seed field in summer

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Scotland in summer

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green polka dot skirt and shoes

If you ever come to Scotland, please, do me a favour and come in summer. Yes, it might be raining. In fact, it probably will be. But if you’ve ever visited the Scottish countryside on a warm summer day, you’ll hear people make the same observation on repeat: “If we just got the weather,” they say, “no one would ever leave!” Well, I’m not sure that’s quite true, but one thing I AM sure of is that when we DO get the weather, it’s beautiful.  And in future, if anyone ever asks me why I hate autumn and winter so much, I will simply point them to this wonderful summer field, with the bright blue sky shining above it, and I will tell them they can keep their Fall-Is-My-Favourite-Season, and their OMGSNOW, and just leave me the summer, as long as it looks like this.

These photos were actually taken last Sunday, but because of all of the stress with The House Purchase That Never Was last week, I didn’t have time to get them off the camera. I barely had time over the weekend either, because as soon as we knew for sure that we weren’t getting The One (sob! Still not over it!) we plunged straight into a frenzy of house hunting, which basically involved us looking at aaaaaaalllll  the houses ever made, on the basis that one of them might be The Other One. And of course, no, they weren’t. Well, actually SOME of them very well could have been: we spent yesterday looking at a bunch of showhomes in the area, and OMG, some of those houses were just beyond amazing. They were also beyond our budget, though, so it’s back to the drawing board for us, and after yet more issues with the dog-care thing over the weekend, I can’t help but feel that we HAVE to be in line for some good luck soon, so hopefully when we get back from Miami, The Even Better One will be sitting there waiting for us.

In the meantime, some more of that sunshine would go down well around about now…

red hair in sunshine