Summer in the City

Pretty Dress Company pencil dress

Edinburgh Castle

navy and cream wiggle dress

[Dress: Pretty Dress Company (last year) | Shoes: River Island (old) | Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs*]

I feel like I have to apologise for the terrible case of Smugface I’m demonstrating in the first photo here. I have no idea where that came from, or what the hell I thought I had to feel smug about, because seriously, people, last week was NUTS. NUTS, I tell you. Some of it was nuts in a good way, and some of it was nuts in a very, very bad way. Some of it was nuts in a “yet more stuff to do with selling my house way,” but that’s another story for another day. Maybe.

Mostly, though, last week was nuts in a … well, a NUTS way. It was super-stressful, super-surreal, and at times it was super… I can think of at least one other “S” word that would work here, but this is a family-friendly establishment, so I’ll let you fill in that particular blank for yourselves. On the plus side, though, it was also super-sunny, which is no small thing, trust me.

Back at the start of the week, I had an appointment in Edinburgh, so I grabbed the opportunity to spend some time in the sun, and also to take outfit photos somewhere other than a country lane, or a field, or something. (I DID take photos in a field later in the week, though, don’t worry. OK, TWO fields. You’ll be seeing them soon.) I also grabbed the opportunity for a quick look around the shops, leaving with a pair of shoes for me (naturally), and a birthday present for Terry, which he picked out himself, from the Zara menswear department. I DID offer to surprise him with something, but he refused, because he doesn’t trust me to buy clothes for him. He says if I did, he’d end up looking like Jean Paul Gaultier or something. I opened my mouth to argue with that, but then  just closed it again, because, to be perfectly honest, that WAS the look I had in mind. Well, you can’t go wrong with a Breton stripe, can you?

Actually, though, Terry did pretty well on his own, and picked out a pair of mint green pants for himself. SO PROUD, you guys, seriously. And then so worried, because I have mint green pants too, so now I’m worried we’ll end up looking like THOSE people who wear His n’ Hers outfits all the time. Which I guess is what would’ve happened if I’d had my way with the Breton stripes,  now I come to think of it.

Anyway, despite the stress of last week (Which continues into this week too: awesome!), I did manage to take some other photos, which I will post as soon as I have a few spare minutes to download them. Let’s hope I’m looking a little less smug in at least some of them…