And I would rather be anywhere else but here today

red skirt and stripe top

Well, I made it safely back from Miami, and thankfully, so did my suitcase. This was a big worry for me, because in recent years my packing “technique” (and I use that word in its loosest possible sense…) has basically been:

    1.  Select most favourite clothing items EVER. Clothes that are PRECHUS. Clothes that are irreplaceable if lost. Clothes that were acquired after a long hunt or at a very great cost. Clothes which I would WEEP over for months if I ever lost them. (Which is always a possibility with me, even if I’m not planning on taking a plane ride with them.)
    2. Place items in suitcase.
    3. Hope for best.

The wait at the baggage carousel, then, is always a particularly tense one for me (as I know it is for everyone), but luckily my fears about crashing planes and lost luggage proved to be unfounded, and I was reunited with my clothes on Saturday morning, in one of those joyful airport reunion scenes which you normally only see in movies. In a slightly surreal twist of fate, not only were all of my clothes on the London – Edinburgh leg of the flight with us, so too were English rapper Dizzee Rascal (who went through all of the security checks directly behind us, with his entourage. I had no idea who he was until Terry told me, but I hope he enjoyed that long rant about The Others which he couldn’t have helped but overhear during the wait at border control. I expect he will incorporate it into a song one day. I’m going to have to keep an eye on that.), rugby star Gavin Hastings and at least one premiership footballer, who… yeah, I’m not a football fan, so no idea. Actually, I’m not a rugby or Dizzee Rascal fan either (My mum likes Dizzee, though. I KNOW.), but it was still vaguely surreal, especially given that we saw no famous people at all in Miami, so-called playground of the rich and famous, only to find at least three of them on the flight home with us. Famous people, eh? They’re like buses: you don’t see any for years, then three turn up at once!

Where was I? Um, seriously, where was I? Because I’m still jet-lagged and keep waking up wondering where the hell I am: so trippy! Oh yeah, I was talking about my clothes. Just for a change.

The outfit in this photo DOESN’T consist of any of my all-time-favourite clothes, unfortunately – actually, it’s what I wore on the car ride back from Naples last week, hence the slightly dishevelled look and complete lack of accessories – but I’d bought the skirt just a couple of days earlier, so as with the Banana Republic dress from my last post, I had to wear it ASAP. I got very excited when I saw it on the H&M mannequin, because I thought it was a red version of the off-white and yellow skirts I have from H&M, and you all know how much I love those skirts. Unfortunately it’s not quite the same: it’s a little bit shorter and not nearly as full as the other two, but it stayed totally crease-free in the car, and you can always use a red skirt, can’t you? I know I can.

Anyway, I may be back in the UK, but I will continue to be in Miami for the next few outfit posts at least, because I still have a ton of photos to go through and post. I’d apologise for the continued obsession with my vacation, but hey, it’s not like you were expecting any less of me anyway, hmm?

Hope everyone’s having a good summer!

[Skirt and top: H&M | Shoes: Zara | Sunglasses: House of Harlow]