The (Black and) White Stripes

black and white midi skirt with high heels

black shoes with black and white stripe skirt

This weekend was the first time I’d worn “real” clothes (By which I mean “anything other than the scruffy old jeans and t-shirts I deemed suitable for hauling boxes around, stripping wallpaper and scrubbing floors in…”) in, ooh, about a month, maybe? (Er, it was also the first time we’d taken outfit photos since Miami, hence my strangely clenched fist and half-closed eyes in the first one: whoops!) We went out to dinner on Sunday, and even Terry commented on how good it felt to be wearing ACTUAL clothes, that weren’t covered in paint and God knows what else. Small pleasures, people, small pleasures.

Anyway, up until this weekend, my clothes had been unpacked, but crammed into any space we could find for them. On Friday, though, Terry finished fitting the hanging rails in my new dressing room: it’s still far from finished, but with the ¬†clothes storage in place, I could finally hang up my stuff, so I spent a pleasant Saturday morning getting re-acquainted with all of my dresses and skirts, and then a slightly less-pleasant part of the afternoon on the mammoth task of ironing clothes that had been lying in a heap on the bedroom floor, or stuffed into a closet with no thought whatsoever. I absolutely detest ironing, so I only got as far as this skirt before I got bored and gave up, so I decided that hey, might as well wear it since I just went to the trouble of ironing it!

I’ve actually had this skirt since March, or thereabouts, but I think this is only the second time I’ve worn it, because in the old house it kept getting shoved to the back of the closet, which meant I’d totally forget I even owned it. That happened a LOT in the old house, which is why I’m so excited to finally have everything organised, and out on display, where I can see what I have, and, you know, actually WEAR it from time to time, rather than just re-discovering it once every three years. “You’ll be much better dressed now,” said Terry, as he stood back to admire his handiwork on Friday night, which, yeah, thanks Tez.

Actually, I’m hoping I WILL be a bit better dressed now that I won’t have to fight my way through mounds of clothes just to get dressed every morning, or have half of my stuff in storage at any given time. Honestly, I feel like I haven’t just gained a new house: it’s like I’ve gained a whole bunch of new clothes, into the bargain. I can’t promise this will stop me wearing my usual uniform of full skirt + fitted top + heels, though. A fashion blogger never changes her spots stripes, after all.

Hey, want to see a cool trick?

one-legged Amber

OMG, I HAVE ONE LEG! My younger self would be all, “I TOLD YOU SO!” at this photo, seriously…

[Skirt: Star by Julien MacDonald | Top: Dorothy Perkins | Shoes: Buffalo 'Beyza', c/o Sarenza]

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