My new obsession…

Mel Pop Heart ballet flats

… is with jelly ballet flats. Trust me when I tell you I’m every bit as surprised by this development as you probably are.

The fact is, though, I got a pair of the Vivienne Westwood for Melissa flats from Sarenza a couple of months ago, and I don’t think I’m exaggerating when I say I’ve worn them almost every day since then. Well, OK, I AM exaggerating a little. Only a little, though, because the fact is, these shoes are to me what sneakers are to most other people. They’re comfortable (WAY more support and cushioning than regular flats, seriously). They’re practical. (Well, it rains a lot here. What’s a good thing to wear in the rain? WATERPROOF SHOES, obviously.) They wipe clean in seconds when I’ve just gone tramping through a muddy field in them on Rubin’s walk, and I don’t have to worry that they’ll fall apart if they get rained on (and they WILL get rained on). In other words? Jelly flats for the win. Seriously.

These particular jelly flats are by Mel (you can find them here) and came to me courtesy of Surfdome who, no, don’t just sell clothes for surfers. I was surprised too. They arrived on Saturday morning and have barely left my feet since (no, they don’t make your feet sweat. Not any more than regular flats do, anyway.). This is probably not too surprising, however, given that I’m still deep in the throes of that whole ‘Closet Crisis’ I keep banging on about, and basically hate everything I own. Or all the clothes, anyway. I still love the shoes, and thank God for that, because that would’ve been awkward, huh?

Actually, though, I think that’s WHY I like shoes so much. They just always work, don’t they? You never have to wonder if you’re too fat/thin/short/tall for them, or whether they flatter your figure or whatever. They look the same every day, and if you’re very lucky, they smell like bubblegum. (Not these ones, though, sadly.) Thank God for shoes, huh? Especially the ones with hearts on the toes…

Mel heart shoes