Forever Amber in Bettie Page skirt and sweater

wind turbines

Forever Amber in Bettie Page skirt and sweater

teal slingback shoes

50s style full skirt and fitted sweater

retro autumn outfit

I bought this outfit in Florida: on the day these photos were taken, in fact. I was so excited to be in the Bettie Page store, which is a bit like Disneyland to me, and buying something I loved, that when I’d finished trying it on, I managed to put my dress on back to front. Then I went to pay and realised my wallet wasn’t in my handbag, where it definitely should have been, (Anyone spotting a bit of a theme here?) so I totally freaked out and ran out to the car with my backwards-facing dress and my messy bunhead falling down from all of the changing in and out of sweaters and dresses, and, yeah, fun times, folks, fun times. By the time I got home that night I looked like I’d been, I don’t know, wrestling bears or something, rather than just trying on retro-inspired dresses and skirts in a store.

(My wallet was in the car, by the way, much to Terry’s relief. I mean, I don’t think he’d have gone for the whole “forgot my wallet” schtick two days in a row, somehow…)

Having bought this skirt and sweater, though, I then found myself having to forget all about them for a few weeks. Well, it was Florida in July, you know? It was about 100 degrees in the shade at the time, and even when we got back home, it still wasn’t exactly sweater weather. The skirt, meanwhile, is quite a heavy fabric, and has a built-in petticoat which makes it even heavier: it just felt like more of an autumn/winter piece than a summer one, so I hung them both up, and I waited for the weather to get cooler, which it did this week. Oh, did it EVER. In fact, I had to break out the ol’ fishnet tights too, for the first (but definitely not the last) time this autumn, and I was definitely cursing Bettie Page’s decision to give this sweater elbow-length sleeves rather than full-length ones. You know what this means, of course: now that the fishnet tights are on the scene, the coats and boots aren’t far behind. I’m holding out for as long as I can, naturally, but given that it feels more like November than September to me right now, I have a feeling I might not last much longer. Dammit.

Still, there IS one good thing about autumn: I got to wear this outfit at last. And now that I’ve worn it, I may as well just go and hibernate until springtime, See you next May, everyone!

[Wearing: Sweater and skirt: Bettie Page | Shoes: River Island (old) | Sunglasses: eBay]

  1. Hi Amber – I adore this outfit. I have the skirt and have decided the sweater makes the outfit. Can you let me now how the sizing on this runs? I’ve read it runs small on one site. Are you wearing a small in your pic? BTW love your blog and adore your style. So beautiful Thanks in advance and hope you don’t mind helping me out here. Kris

    1. Hi – mine is an xxs: it’s designed to be very form-fitting, so I wouldn’t say it runs particularly small, but there’s a size chart on the VP website which might be more use!

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