What Would Audrey Do?

Cropped black pants and bardot sweater

Casaei 'Blade' pumps

Green bardot sweater and black cat eye sunglasses

Casadei 'Blade' pumps

Audrey Hepburn inspired outfit

Well, I’m still in the middle of my wardrobe crisis, as you can probably tell by the ever-present black trousers, which are basically all I ever wear right now. Not the same pair, obviously. No, I have about… let’s not even THINK about how many pairs of black trousers I have, hmmm? I don’t know about you, though, but any time I find myself stuck for something to wear, I ask myself, “What would Audrey [Hepburn] do?” (WWAD? ­™) And I think we all know that Audrey would wear cropped black pants with a bardot-style sweater, so here I am, in my very favourite cropped black pants, and a bardot-style sweater, which I swear to God I DID iron before leaving the house, but which apparently creased like tissue paper in the car, and I didn’t realise until I looked back at the photos. Whoops. I bet that never happened to Audrey, did it?

This outfit also marked the first public outing of that clip-on fringe I told you about a few weeks ago, and then promptly stuffed into a drawer, because I was too scared to wear it in public in case it blew off or something. I decided to brave it on Saturday, and although I really liked the look of it, no matter how many times Terry told me that no, no one could tell it wasn’t real, STOP ASKING, I was SO self-conscious about it I was convinced that even people in passing cars were staring at me, going, “HAHA, WOMAN IN A WIG! WOMAN IN A WIG!” Because, yes, I am THAT important. Ahem.

Anyway, I’ve yet to work out a way of attaching the fringe without the top of it showing, hence the hairband, which covers up the join. The headband, however, gave me a bad case of Headband Headache after a few hours of wear, so I had to remove both it and the fringe, much to the amusement of my dad, who we were visiting at time. “Oh, I see you’ve taken your hair off,” he commented. “That’s nice.” I bet THAT never happened to Audrey either.

(And yes, you’re right, she would totally have worn flats rather than heels. I wouldn’t, though, and it’s my blog, so, you know, who cares what Audrey would do, anyway?)

[Wearing: J Crew 'Minnie' pants | Boden Sixties sweater | Casadei 'Blade' pumps" | Gucci handbag | House of Harlow sunglasses]