I like big skirts and I cannot lie

retro autumn outfit with full skirt, stripe top and red shoes

full midi skirt and stripe top

H&M full midi skirt

full skirt and high heels

[Wearing: H&M skirt | Collectif sweater | Miss KG shoes (old) | Marc by Marc Jacobs sunglasses*]

I feel like all I ever wear lately is some kind of big skirt, with heels and a sweater. Probably because that IS pretty much all I ever wear lately…

Still, no apologies here: the Gods of Fashions have deemed full skirts to be “on trend” right now, so naturally I’m taking advantage of this to buy AAAALLLLL the full skirts, so I can continue to wear them long after they’re been replaced by whatever the NEXT big thing happens to be. (See also “all the long-sleeved dresses” and “all the cropped trousers”.) This one is from H&M, and is one of a set of four of these skirts I now own. Which actually makes me sound a bit like some kind of Crazy Skirt Lady when you put it like that. So, I have the yellow one (a.k.a. “The First One”), the off-white one (a.k.a. “The Favourite One”), the red one (a.k.a. “The One That’s Shorter and Less Full Than The Rest”) and now I have the black one, ak.a. The One That Was So Long I Had to Have A Huge Amount of Fabric Cut Off The Bottom, So Much That I Could Probably Have Made Another Skirt Out Of It. And also “the one I managed to scorch while ironing that one time, so now there’s a shiny mark at the hem which I really hope isn’t as noticeable to Others as it is to me.

Anyway! Enough of this skirt talk.  As I’ve mentioned in the past, outfit photos are always kinda awkward for me, but while we were taking these ones, we had a particularly interested audience:



I soon sorted that situation out, though:


“I am Amber, mistress and commander of all equine beings! From now on, you will do MY bidding!”


“I anoint thee!”

And now that pony is, like, my creature. As in, it will do whatever I tell it to do. Like, if I told that pony to come and stand at the end of your bed tonight, it would do it. You don’t believe me, but even so. there’s a part of you that wonders, isn’t there? And tonight, just as you’re falling asleep, that part of you might well be listening for the sound of hooves…

Also: ever been photo-bombed by a horse?

horse photobomb

It’s all, “LOLZ! FASHUN BLOGGERZZ IS RIDIKULUS!!!!!!” And it is right. Also, yes, my belt had totally crept up here, to the point where it was in danger of strangling me, and that’s why I removed it before we went on our way, because, ANNOYING.

* Because that’s how horses talk. They’re really quite badass, and a little bit snarky. I know, WHO KNEW?

** Usual disclaimer: Yes, I was wearing a coat. And we were on our way to a restaurant (in the car), so there was no particular need to be all wrapped up…


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